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Untitled Document Junction City K. T
April 14th 1860Mr
S. N. Wood

Sir we enclose your declaritory statement and notice. No person had filed on the claim which Mr Watson has filed on therefore it was unnecesary for to give notice of contest—He can preempt now within two weeks if he has the necesry improvements I suppose you know how to use the notices of contest. That is give one to the contestant and let Margaret L. Wood keep the other and bring here on day of contest—With the witness who served the other notice on Sanders and who will have to testify that the one in possession of claimant is a true copy of the one served

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If Sanders cannot be found publish it in your paper two or three weeks and bring copy of paper here on day of trial. Please excuse us for not attending to this matter sooner and will endeavor to be more punctual hereafter
Register fees $2.00
Attorney fee $1.00
Total $3.00
Please give us credit-this sum and obligeGeery & Butterfield


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