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Letter, W.A. Phillips to S.N. Wood

Phillips, W.A.

Salina, K.T. Jan 29 1860.

Hon. S. Wood.

Dear Sir,

I had expected to be present, wherever your honorable body may be before this time, but a deep snow has completely blocked up travel. I shall start down soon, however, snow, or no snow.

A man is trying to get through to the Soloman today and I send this letter.

We shall have to depend on your watchfulness for our local interests. As I stated in a previous letter, the people of Junction City have thought proper to be jealous of us, and it is likely that Dr. Woodward may try, under their influence to engineer through some measures detrimental to us.

Such as interfering with our county lines, or those of Dickinson county. Some Junction men

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have tried for several years to start an opposition town up here, but have always totally failed. They may try to do something about a Pikes Peak road, they tried hard to do so with Green’s party last spring, but failed. Their object is to get a road up the Republican, or somewhere to es- cape a connection or the the road hereabouts by the roads from the south side from Council Grove, the Cottonwood, or Lawrence.

If the matter is left perfectly alone, to private enterprise, it will be all right, but what I want you to guard against is any special legis- lative privileges to any of these men, or their creatures – Blake is a sly chap, take care of him. Let them attend to the interests of Junction City, and we shall not seek to hinder them, if they do it in a legitimate way, but as they seem to entertain a silly idea of helping themselves by pulling down those who are straining every honest

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effort of labor and money to develope the country I regret their folly, but we have to watch it.

I would rather nothing was done with any Pikes Peak road, or stage route this way, unless it is to be controlled by good reliable men, and not a cabal at Junction City.

If Mr. Reynolds aids any scheme for the dismemberment of Dickinson county or the change of its laws (and I do not think he will) tell him from me, that the people of that county want to be let alone, and so voted last year.

Do not let any private bridge company get the monopoly of bridge right across the Saline, or Solomon, or any stream in Saline county. No matter who the parties were, it would justly offend the people here and cause bad blood. I would not ask it myself, and I need not say I have spent more money, and done more to develope this county than any man in it. If a bridge is desired, or urged by any one, I wish you would put through as a substitute, a bill authoriscing

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the county commissioners of Saline county to issue the public credit and build over the Saline and Soloman free county bridges. That would give satisfaction and be best for the interest of the whole commerce of the Territory.

In my last I spoke about a Territorial road from Council Grove, via Salina to the South Forks of Platte.

I have no desire to urge anything that would embarrass our Territory, but if such a road could with propriety be estab- lished it would be highly beneficial to the Territory at large.

If there is any railroad chartered this way, I shall expect it to recognize us. If a responsible company could be formed to continue the Pacific railroad this way I would take $10,000 of stock, and exert myself in every way for it as would several other of our citizens who have means. If any road is chartered I would expect to be one of the corporators, but only if men of character elsewhere in the Territory were on it to give a guarantee that it would not fall into the hands of any one clique. I would ask you if any railroad plan is memorial- ised for by your body to see that it does not slight us, and to oppose any road up the Republican, or in any way leading into Nebraska, as all such roads will merely tend to make us tributory to a Pacific railroad up the Platte.

In regard to post offices, as it is likely that your body will memorialise on that

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subject I would say that we have no mail, and I do not ex- aggerate when I say that there is no community in Kansas that suffers more or needs worse. An office at this point would not have much less than a hundred letters a week besides papers.

Last year in the act of Congress that failed we had two routes, one tri-weekly from Junction City, and one weekly from Lawrence. That is the programme our people have already petitioned for and would prefer. Please see that it is inserted in any memorial.

It is possible that by this time we are in the Union, and that you are a State Senator instead of a Territorial Representative. I hope Kansas has got, or will get into the Union, this winter. We are all in the dark here on everything, and I am extremely anxious as our latest dates are Leavenworth Jan 1st.

Hoping you are well

I Remain

Yours Respectfully

Wm. A. Phillips


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