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Untitled Document Emporia Nov 14th [1859]
Mr Wood

Dear Sir
yours came to hand as to my communication in the paper facts will sustain themselves, I have been told by those who pretend to know that the whole matter was well understood by you before we went into the convention also that you had pledged Mr Morton that he should be nominated the only way it could be done was to exclude Butler county its proper representation and force her to accept such as chase county pleased to give her. Any man in Chase Co or Butler would have been more preferable to Morton Butler Co wants Barrett, yet if Leonard had been nominated they would have supported him.

I have seen several from Butler since and they are down on you, and the whole proseeding beleiveing you financiered it for the nomination of Morton to answer some end you have in view if you go to Chelsea and see Lamboon & Donaldson & Scott & Dr Luellen, men who are men and can be relied upon

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you can fix the matter all right all Butler wants is that she may have her proper rights and not hire a man forced upon her by Schuldugery and damd rascality

Dr Leonard has called on me and Mr Allen. and some others from Chase Co all are of the same opinion that I have of the Convention. They all agree that it was a packed, concerne.
If you can manage so that Dr Barrett, will get the suport of Chase Co you can get the suport of Butler Co it would be well to see the people of Butler as soone as you can. If you can convince them that you did not pledge yourself to Morton all will be well but if not they will vote for most any other man. people do not like to be sold many times.

I think I am not mistaken when I say I saw through the whole mater soone after we went into the convention

Yours Truly
N, S, Storrs


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