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Untitled Document Boston June 16. 1854
My dear Hale,

Have been waiting for some time expecting to receive the plan of proceedings and see Mr Thayer, both mentioned in your note of May 30th, but neither have made their appearance; so probably you are awaiting an answer to that note. In the first place I shall be very glad to see such a society as the one of which you speak set on foot in a proper manner, for it would do much good independently of any political & moral question; such a one already exists in New York I believe, and there is also one here whose office is in South st: - whether these societies are managed by proper individuals I can’t say –

In the next place I shall be glad to do anything to improve the class of people coming to this country and a good Agency whose reputation would spread

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abroad would have a strong influence to lead well to do people to venture themselves and property when otherwise they would not.

But – I have no sympathy with abolitionism and dont want to see any body who will talk about it. As a great evil, I detest slavery, but what will you do with the blacks when it is abolished; they cant hold their own & if given a fair land would ruin it & relapse into African barbarism. I have the same kind of antipathy, altho not so great in degree, to a black man or woman, that I have to a monkey.

I do not think such a society as you propose would require much machinery – It should not attempt to control the destination of emigrants, but only be able to give them thorough information as to all the countries available for new comers, the routes to be taken; the changes incidental to the journey etc. & the proper persons to whom to introduce them at the place of their destination. If you attempt to influence the spot of location

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your complications & embarrasments will become endless.

As to a line of packets – it would not pay – the facilities to New York are much greater than here and we could not successfully compete with her – To Boston very little is shipped from Hamburg or Bremen, to New York a great deal –

You see I am not an enthusiast but I should like very much to see your plan & talk with Mr Thayer, always provide he is not one of your red hot Worcester [xxx]

I hope that Mrs Hale is well & with my best regards to her, believe me

Very truly Yrs
T H Cunningham


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