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Untitled Document House Reps Washington Jan 12th 1858

Hon H. Miles Moore.

Lawrence. K T.

My dear Miles. Yours of the 27th by Express & also your of the 31st per mail are both rcd. I thank you for your attention & kindness. You must before this reaches you have rd. my letter of a few days ago. I had anticipated you at the head of the Judiciary committee, It is a good place & as your Success is near to me, I hope – as I most cirtainly beleive – you will do yourself great credit in the disch’g of its various onerous & delicate duties. I hope the influence that you must necessarily wield in this position will be so used as to stregthen & keep our friends together for future results. It is as important to you as – I do not deny – it is to myself. I think I can give you a pretty accurate account of Kansas affairs as they are likely to result this session.

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The Lecompton Constitution will be defeated. That I set down as sure. The Republicans will not support Douglass’ act – as they desire to leave the question open for the fall Elections – in which they will surely sweep the northern States. So nothing will be done here of an affirmative character in Congress. How will it stand as to our Legislature? I hear that you will pass a law calling a constitutional Convention. Very good. I have mentioned this state of things – the probability of such an Event to Judge Douglass. It meets his approval. He thinks, that Even though his act were to pass, it would only be considered as satisfying the act you had already done. Give ample time between the various stages of the bill. While on the subject of this Legislature let me suggest that you raise a commisson to report a code of practice to the next Legislature.

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I should have no objection to serving on the Committee myself though, if there are other applicants suitable for the position I should prefer not to be on. My only interest is to have the work well done. The measure would make you some Capital, as it can not fail to be popular. [Simplifying?] & cheapening Judicial proceedings as it does I have been working hard for Leavenworth. This morning I have the promise of a distributing office at L. also the partial promise that the California mails shall debark at & depart from that point. Also I have the construction of a line of telegraph to L in a forward & very favorable condition – as Secty Floyd has given me very flattering assurances on the subject. The pacific Rl Rd file will provide for a starting point in Kansas, taking thence Southward for Texas. You will see I am not idle –

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I have for you several valuable books but I fear to trust them to the mails – I will send them by first opportunity.

Give my regards to Mrs Moore. Can you not come out [xxx] after the Session is over?

Write me soon,

Truly Yours
Marcus J Parrott


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