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Untitled Document Akron O April 4 / 59
Rev S L Adair
Dear Friend

Yours of the 11th March was recd some days ago. About statements of our losses; I thank you for writing me, and for your good will; but I have so little confidence that any Congress within ten years, will do anything to indemnify any radical antislavery man for any losses sustained in defence of his own rights, or those of others, that I would not be willing to loose ½ cent more, in trying to get it. If we had lost the same in defence of Slavery, or in robbing Mexico of a part or all of her territory for Slavery, or is we had burnt Osawatomie and Lawrence, and killed 30 or 40 Abolitionists, and had lost a Slave, or two, I would then send on my claim for justice without delay. I think I can apreciate your kindness and have not forgotten you nor other true friends there. I am as much obliged to you for your good intentions as I should be

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had you already got back what we have lost and had sent it to us. Hope to be able to prove what I say substantialy by next fall. Have been raising and getting some young Apple, Pear, Peach, Grapevines, Currants, Gooseberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Evergreens, for you of the very best kinds as a small token of Respect, and friendship, And would have sent them this Spring could I have got all that I would like to send. Will send you a list of the kinds as soon as I get a little more leisure, Am very busy this Spring. I want to ask a favor of you. When you can, without trouble and hinderance, at any time you are going Lawrence, I wish you would go to the buring ground on the hill (Mr T L Whitney can tell you where it is,) and see the grave of our little boy and see that it is protected by a small pickett fence of blackwalnut or other lasting wood. If you will do this I will pay you well for all trouble and expense, I agreed with Mr Whitney to do it, When when we came away,

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but he has not said anything about the pay for it; if he has done it, I want to pay him for it – if not please do it for me yourself. The grave is near another small one that is as picketted; and has a blackwalnut board at the head with the name cut in it with a knife, A. Brown I believe I wrote you about Fredericks grave before. Anything you do to protect them shall not go unpaid. All well here. Have not heard from the friends at Hudson lately. My love to all-

Your Friend

Jason Brown

P S Charles and Emma! I have something growing for you that I think is nice and intend you shall get them as soon as they are large enough.


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