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Untitled Document ANTIOCH COLLEGE
Yellow Springs O. Dec. 15th 1856
Rev S. L. Adair

Dear Cousin
Your letter of the seventh of November was received some time since. We were all glad to hear from you and that you were all well. We felt very much concerned for your safety. From accounts we have read in the papers we hope for better times in your territory, when the lawless will be resolved and peaceable settlers protected in all their rights There has been a great deal of money and clothing donated by the people in the free states for the relief

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of the Free State men in Kansas whom are in need of provisions or clothing. If rightly distributed no doubt there will be enough to supply all. But it is feared that a large portion of the money donated will stick to the fingers of the agents handling it. A letter has been published in the Cincinnatti Gazett, from it’s Kansas correspondent with a large number of names of Kansas citizens attached, stating that the agent of the Aid Society after having received a large quantity of clothing for gratuitous distribution, had refused applicants who were suffering for want of clothing. If an explanation is not mad, satisfactory to the public this report will in a great measure put a stop to donations to the ‘relief fund’.

I would be glad if you would give us a full account of the state of affairs in the territory as far as you know, we get a great many accounts from the papers but they are not always reliable. I have thought some of going out next spring if every thing is quiet.
We have not heard from your folks sinc our last letter to you.We received a letter last week from

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Cousin Wm Hagan, He and Aunt Sally Hagan were well as usual. The letters you and Rachel sent us giving an account of Davids death along with his last letter, were sent for and published in three different papers. We sent a copy of one to Cousin Wm H He said he received it, but did not notice the letters and it was thrown away or destroyed. I suppose its being a republican paper, would account for his not reading it He did not know of his death untill he received a letter from us some time after.

Aunt Polly Pattons health is very poor, the rest of the family are well, Thomas was maried last month [under the word “married” is typed “Dec 16th”] They are all living together Rachel has taken a room with her brother and expects to live with him this winter. They live two miles from here, I went to see her this morning and brought Jenie home with me. She received her boxes of goods the 18th of Nov. The cost of cariage from Lawrence was twenty four dollars. The good were much damaged by getting wet. We have had a long drouth this fall, the streams and wells of water have failed very much. The weather has been pleasant this fall. To day is cold, and some snow falling Please write soon as convenient. Yours Affectionately

James Garrison


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