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Untitled Document Grafton June 8 1856
Dear Brother & Sister

It has been a long time since I have written to Kansas.
We had expected your letter a long time before it came We made up our minds to write but put it off from day to day thinking perhaps the next mail would bring an answer. yours was received May 30th. Marion has had one still later. She read them to me but wished to keep them as she wished to answer them immediately.

I hardly know what to say about Fathers Death for I do not know what Marion has written I did not know that Father was so feable until the Thursday before he died. He sent a letter dated April 22 to us, but Jeremiah wrote afew lines in it to Marion and then put Mr Hands name on above ours. so they took it out of the office and did not send it to us until Thursday I then made up my mind to go out Monday. But Death did not delay for me. He died Saturday morn. Stephen was at the station and received word about noon. He came home and we started about 2 oclock we were unable to get through, it was so dark, and the roads so bad and we had a strange horse and thought it unsafe to venture farther. We staid at Ritchfield. Started about 4 oclock for Hudson Freinds from all quarters were there to pay their last respects to our honerd Parent

It was said to be one of the largest congregations there had been in H for a long time

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Mr Fairchild preached from Philipians 1st 23 verse. Mr Pitkin then gave a general History of his life. A good many Grand Children were there and one a Great Grand Daughter Anna King. Father had wished to have Doctor Brown come up and see him but the Doct has just returned from Cuba. Iasy[?] Telegraphed to him and he came up and was at the Funeral. He had been to Cuba for his health I think he returned the week before father died. The Corps looked very natural. did not have that yelow look that most aged persons have, but very pleasant. I suppose Marion told you that his remains were depositted in the Center Burying ground the coffin was set in cement

A most beautiful and Solemn hymn was sung at the grave. I presume you have often read the same (I think it is in a reader that Charles has). Low in the Ground I think the name of it and Each verse Ends with it. They had a different affect on my mind than they had ever had before

The coffin was lowered by the Four sons. O that all his Children would folow his Example

Have we ever written that Uncle Bissel was living in Twinsburg with his fourth wife a quit a smart looking oldish lady Stephen was at Hudson Last Monday went out and returned the same day. All is well as usual. Our Folks think Mr Clark has got an Excelent woman for a wife this time as well as before. they were very kind to Father

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Dear Sister & Famaly Monday Afternoon

How I wish I could stop in to your house this afternoon. I suppose you have got through your washings and are sitting down and Emma is housekeeping I think I can see her in my minds eye flying around getting supper Is it so Emma.

You can not tell our feelings when we took a paper last week to read Kansses newes thare to find that your village had been disturbed by those that are worse than murders

Then I see that John & two of his sons have been arested I think one of them must be Fredrick from what is said. as to the other we are left in the dark. I feel anxous to hear yet I fear the rsult. What can they do with them? I feell so indignant I don’t know what to do. and yet I do not know but this will find you suffering the same kind of shamefull treatment

I some times wish bad wishes on those in office I suppose Brother Adair would say that I had better pray for them but I think with Beacher that one Sharps Riffel is better than a half dosen Bibles for such men

As to the Loan Stephen says he will get it some where for you if you still wish it and wants you to write how you wish it sent. I suppose it is not safe to send it in Letters? As to that which was sent some time ago, don’t trouble your self. Thare will probably be something due you from this quarter, that can be taken to pay

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it with, if you wish and it would be better than to have you send it out with the risk of loosing it. One of the notes has to be paid this week but Stephen will get the money somewhere and meet it. Jeremiah says he is willing to help As to T H Hand the more he makes the Tighter he growes

It was Fathers wish that Stephen should have his Old Horse, and we Brought it home with us from Hudson. It realy seamed sad, but all thought that she could come better then than she could after a few weeks She has a fine colt, made its appearance May 18th. There is no one of the Family that can have anything that will remind them so forciible of Father as do the Old Horse the Old Buggy the Whip and Old Buffulo. It is not the same Horse that he drove when you went away but the same Buggy. It is a Grey, one of the kindest beasts. Our folks said that it seamed as tho she knew just how and whare Father wanted she should step. She has fell in to good hands and will allways be treated well. I often think as I look at her and the Buggy, how many times she has carried Father from place to place, but can never do it again

I wish when you write you would ask any questions that you may want to know perhaps I have repeated things that Marion wrote and left those things that you care the most about unwriten. Do write often I do feel so anxous about you from your unworthy sister, M L Davis [in the right margin is written M. L. Davis /56]


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