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Untitled Document New York Hospital
June 8th 1857
To Rev S. L. Adair

Dear Sir

I regret the delay in sending you the Bibliotheca Sacra but trust that the reasons given will prove a sufficient apology.

I embraced the opportunity this morning to subscribe for this year The bill you will find enclosed.

Gardiner has already forwarded a portion of the Nos. for /56.

I have inquired the price of the other books you mentioned. They are as follows.
Dr Kane’s Artic Expedition $5.00
Robinson’s Researches in Palistine 7.50
Hugh Miller’s Testimony of the Rocks 1.25
Mahans Logic 1.25 or 1.50

I shall be happy to purchase for you any of them that you may desire.

The due bill which you held against me was received this morning. I am sorry that I was not able to pay it sooner. Tators letter enclosing it is encouraging I hope the difficulty about

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the town site may be speedily settled to the satisfaction of all concerned. Fortunately neither party to the difficulty are pro slavery if it is as I suppose. Were it otherwise I fear justice would have little weight in the decission.

Your letter of May 7 was received in due season, that of April 8th just after mailing my last.

I took the liberty of publishing in the Evening Post your remarks upon the policy of the Free State men & mailed you a copy soon after. I have called upon Mr Ward two or three times to inquire after Brennan but never find him in. Gov Walkers speech has been received It is much such a document as I expected, abounding in stereotyped promises to secure to the people a free expression of their opinion by ballot, but he obstinately denies them any means by which to secure that end & retains with an unrelenting grasp the fruits of previous frauds. He denies the much vaunted principle of squatter sovereignty by attempting to thrust on them laws & a method of adjustment which

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they have repudiated. It abounds in sophisms & false statements.

His opinion upon the probable action of congress is the fairest thing in it: of what value is that when he pronounces the previous elections fair & legal.

There is a manifest attempt in it to distract the free state party by the proportion to make a Democratic free state, or in other words a pro slavery Dough face state. But I hope that will be counter acted by the avowed intention of making a slave state of the Indian territory south of you.

I fear the proposition to submit their bogus constitution to a vote of the people. Should the Gov prevail on the convention to do so, which seems plausible, we cannot hope that it will be with such regulation as to secure a fair vote. In no other way can the free state men vote. If they refuse, it will certainly be made a weapon against them, & the constitution may by that means pass the next congress. A refusal to submit it to the people will go far towards silencing those who now decry your present policy. I should say vote if I there appear a probability of outvoting

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all fraud.

I think the inaugural may be considered a full expression of the President’s intended policy.
Should other means fail the pro slavery party may put forward men for office of whom they can make tools, & urge past services as a reason why they should receive them. A refusal to pay for services in that way will prevent that.

So much for Gov Walker. I still feel anxious about your fate, & Kansas is continually in my thoughts Sister says I write of nothing else.

Please give my best regards Mrs Adair & all friends
yours truly
B Darrach


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