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Untitled Document I have written you a Discription of the Country in my last letter. So I Shall not bore you with another. I mentioned to you before the Death of youngh Akins, who was hung by Some of his Border Ruffian Enemy he committed no crime, but that of fighting the Ruffians in 1856 under Lane, he was taken out at night, hung by Jack Reler & Dr Stone & Co. is the general opinion here now. They are watched close and may go the Same way at anny time. Akins friends Sifting the affair to the Botton,

We have just heard by the Express that Lincoln is Nominated at Chicago - Amen I Say & I think he is the Strongest man, but Seward the best before the Convention but Bates Never I prefer a clean Defeat with Lincoln, in prefference to a victory with Bates, So you See I am no politician.

Give my respects to all the friends,

Yours Respt. John McCannon

Address Via
Denver City K. T.
O. C. C. P. P. Express.


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