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Untitled Document Clear Creek December 24th 1859.

To Capt. James. Montgomery

Dear Sir I am Still in the Mountains. my health is good as usual. hopeing this may find you the Same, their has been a Sudden change in the peace of the Mountains within a few weeks. The pros have organised a New Territory out off Kansas Nebrasky & Utah, and have formed a provisional Goverment, the Legislature has laid a Tax of $60,000 dollars on the Miners to pay this Bogus goverment, this beats Browns provisional goverment of Virginia the Legislature being in Session, But they don’t Stop here. we have an Election in a few days to Elect County & Territorial Officers to Collect Said Taxes these outrages, has caused a general movement in the Mountain the Tax will be resisted with lead,

The Republicans have nothing to do with the Movement, it is universally unpopular with the miners of Both partys, as far as I can ascertain, a Serious Difficulty, appears to be at hand, we may have need for Troops here before next June

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And I fear it will Be So, these men appear unconscious of anny Danger and yet the Danger is imminent. Hear their plea for this New Government they Say Kansas has no jurisdiction over us, this being Indian Territory, I would like to know then how Jefferson, Territory is going to get. Her Jurisdiction over Indian Territory They cant get that $60,000 over the miners, you can mark that as Settled, but the end is not yet. they are determined to collect the tax and the miners wont pay a Red, and threaten to fight it out. They Say that there will have to be more collectors than their miners in the Mountains, to Collect it.

for the benefit of your Neighbours and friends, I would Say if anny contemplate comeing to the mines, go to the Southern mines, the Best being on the head waters of Arkansas River I my opinion, at least I intend to their in the Spring, there is good diggins on the South Platt, Blue & Colorado Rivers also on the Rio-Grand gold is found in paying quanitys

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I was Sorry to see the Notice of the Death of my fellow prisoner and frind, G. G. Anderson, for he was a hero, But his Fort Scott imprisonment made him what he was, a Sworn Enemy to Slavery. I was Surprised at Browns, foolish raid into Virginia, but I expected to find Anderson with him, where ever he turned to Strike.

I wish you if Kansas Should come in this winter to present my bills for payment they wer left with D. B. Jackman in case he left the county he was to leave evrything belonging to me, with you in case you can get annything use the money untill I come. which will be next winter I think, Nothing more at the present.

Yours etc

John McCannon

To Capt.
James Montgomery


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