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Untitled Document [the first part of document 100318 is a note from Leander Martin and is included in document 100317]

Mound City, Dec. 18th. ‘/59.
Mr. L. Martin:

Dear Sir; Your favor, as above, is just received I did not answer M. Griffiths letter for the reason that I did not know what answer to give. I found on examining the law that contesting an election is rather a ticklish business, so much so that a prudent man would like to “look before he leaps.” I have not seen the returns and, therefore

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have no means of knowing how much I lack of being elected. We have amongst us a class of men [three lines crossed out]

But this I do know: I have neither the time nor the means to spare in a contest. Under the law any man may contest. Now, if those who are as much interested as I am I mean those who are in favor of a change of county lines will undertake the contest I will do any part of the work that is to say: I will attend the session of the legislation and await the action of that body on the evidence that may be laid before it.

James Montgomery


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