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Untitled Document Atchison K.T.
Feb. 14th [1859]

My dear-good little man

Your letter of Feb. 2nd was recd this P.M. --

Your telegraph about the Lightfoot -- read her "pay in hand" which we understood to mean cash down -- So I concluded that our R. Road Co. could not take it. I wrote to J.T.R. Hayhood Gen. Agt. of the A & St. Jo. R. Road that he could buy it.

He sends me word that he will [xxxx] me at St. Joseph upon the 22nd of Feb - And will then see me about it --

You may depend I will sell it if there is any such thing. They have MO. State Bonds -- Rail Road Stock and a plenty of Land. I will get something that you can turn into Cash, at your price - if I make a bargain -- I shall take so much pleasure in selling it - that I will charge nothing at all ----

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I understand your proposition and accept it. I would not go into partnership-like it -- with any other men under the whole heaven -- you always do as well as you agree - and generally a little better. As I told Guthrie when he was here a week or two since. O, how that man Guthrie, repents the day he yielded to other advisers and did not heed us --

In this business matter I want nothing left to friendship. We must have everything strictly upon a business basis -- and leave no room for understanding --

Your letter of authority to draw $2,000 - was just in season Million now has his $1000 - and a part of the balance I have already loaned for 10 per cent a month!

I have promised all I can get - for 5 per cent per month -- But once in a while a fellow will pay 8 & even 10 per cent per month

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Many of our men entered their land last year by borrowing a land warrant of some man - and pledging their farms for 250$ or $260 -- Now they can't meet it and want to borrow it for 6 months longer or until this years crop is sold. There is no difficulty in getting good farms of 160 acres as security - for from 200 to 300$ at 5 per cent per month -- I think nothing can be safer than that - Though I have agreed to take no land for security out of Atchison Co. And none that I don't know is clear from incumbrances - My Kansas experience has taught me something - and that is not to believe anything I don't know to be so - from personal knowledge --

I have considered your proposition and accepted - by drawing upon you at this date - at one days sight for

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$2000 - payable at the Importer & Traders Bank - one days sight will give you. I suppose 4 days after accepting it -- I have to attend a Court in Independence Mo – The 2nd Monday in March. at about the 25th I suppose I shall go to Boston to see how I can marry our Road with the H. & St. Joseph Railroad --

The Cars run through to St. Jo. today for the first time.

We have a big celebration at St. Jo upon the 22nd -- I have a season pass over the Road and will try to get one for Theodore. Tell him I will write him & perhaps he had better not come until I return about the last of March - There are splendid chances to make money with money here every day --- They will

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not be as good in the Spring when money becomes more plenty -- still they will be good, I believe, all the year

The Mo. Legislature has refused any more state aid to the Pacific R Road they now cant get to Kansas City - for years to come -- and all Kansas & the far west will have to come to Atchison for years -- we now get our mail one day in advance of Leavenworth - and 2 days in advance of Lawrence!

One day & one night will take us to St. Louis --

Property here is rising, but I am buying instead of selling

I am more sure of success with our Town - every day. But fellows never struggled harder in hard times - than we

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I have just commenced building a cheap house to rent to Kinney -- one of our merchants - I build it of Cottonwood - upon one of our lots in Block No. 2 - the Carpenters owe us for Rent - and nearly all of it I can get done without paying any money. And I get 35$ per month rent - and its to be done by the 10 day of April -- The shingle and lathes are all due us, for rent of our houses in Winthrop -- In this way Ill get the pay - the House will not cost, paid for in this way over 10. or 1200$ --

Pikes Peak is taking off a host of men from Eastern Kansas. Merchants from Donniphan and Sumner are moving to Atchison. 13 stores now contracted to be built upon Commercial St. and all rented before being built There's not a vacant room to be had upon the street

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I have not time at this late hour of the night to tell all I would -- I will try to write you from St. Jo. upon the 22nd about the Boat -- If I can sell it, I will feel quite proud.

I am in good standing with the officers of that Road and can get them to pay "right smart" - they are determined to send Boats in connection with their Cars to Leavenworth - until our Road is in operation, then they will run only from Atchison.

Hoping to get your telegraph in season to secure some good bargains - already in tow --

I am cordially & truly
Your "fat belly" friend
S.C. Pomeroy

The convention will be held at Wyandot by the treachery of 2 men in Lawrence who promised me to go for Atchison -



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