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Untitled Document Atchison K.T.
Jan. 17th [1859]

My Dear Hyatt,

I mailed you a letter yesterday, but did not say anything about the "Lightfoot".

This letter is devoted to that one thing "Lightfoot" -- I have never learned of your selling it. And if you now own it I have a word to say to you.

We are now satisfied that the H. & St. Joseph Railroad will be so nearly completed that they will run trains through to St. Joseph within four weeks!!

The "North Missouri Road" connecting the H. & St. Joseph Road with St. Louis will be completed about the same time. They have less than 20 miles of track to lay!

There is no doubt but that 3/4 of all the emigration from St. Louis even! will come over the Rail Road to St. Joseph. To say nothing of the emigration via Chicago & Toledo -- Now comes my proposition - to put the Lightfoot upon this River to run from Atchison to

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St. Joseph daily - in connection with the Cars -- Leaving St Jo at 8 Oclock in the morning - and Atchison at 5 Oclock in the evening --

All the leading roads to Hannibal have to sell tickets to Atchison. That is have the last cupon Read "From St. Jo to Atchison." $2.50 fare -- By this arrangement you will have to get no meals -- for the passengers, will have a pleasant trip of not more than 3 hours down -- and 5 or 6 hours up --

A R. Road man from Chicago says "they will sell tickets - to Atchison if you have a regular line Either by Boat or Cars" -- So will all the Rail Roads East. We want the Lightfoot called "The Atchison to St. Joseph Rail Road packet." We want it to run throughout the best of the season or until the Atchison & St. Joseph R. Road is completed.

We intend to sell - (if this arrangement can be made) Tickets in all the Eastern Cities though to the Gold Diggins. from here, they take the Hockaday & Co. line of coaches -- [xxx] all stocked with

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good mules -- change every 20 miles Hockaday & Co. agree to run daily from here making the trip to Cherry Creek in 10 or 12 days -- fare $100~ and boardes - carry 40 lbs of baggage for each passenger.

There are men enough here to engage in this boating if they could get a boat.

I have only sketched the outline of this enterprise. Your own quick perceptions will see its bearings & results --

I desire to hear from you by the 1st mail or Telegraph. upon this subject
For if you come - I want to get banked a lot of our wood -- if you decline I am going to St. Louis to lease up a boat --

We are getting out a "Guide to the Gold Regions" with a map of this very boat & arrangement --

We are terribly in earnest

It is now after 12 O’Clock at night Ill retire to dream over it --

S C Pomeroy

[written in margin] Have you received [xxxx] & [xxxx]and [xxxxxxx] -- More Soon.


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