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Untitled Document Atchison K.T.
Aug. 6th, 1857

Dear Hyatt

I have written you a letter not long since – and have recd no answer. In fact have not had time yet to recd a reply.

I am wanting to consult you constantly. A thousand things constantly occur about which I want your advise – not getting it. I try to do the best I can. The Rail Road matter goes off well. Mr. Sickles – Engr of the Hannibal & St. Joseph R.R. Co. has made a survey and profile of the route. And got responsible parties to contract to grade the Road to St. Joseph for the sum of $113,000 – we have got 120,000 $ of stock taken – and hope soon to increase it to $150,000 – then we shall let the job of grading and make the thing sure – It is already believed at Leavenworth & Doniphan that the Road is sure. That fact is producing quite a sensation – already have a party come on from Kentucky to make a Town opposite to us in the bottom. But when they found I had bought the best 200 acres – and got refusal of as much more, they came to make offers to me – and some of them quite good. I tell them two things are sure. 1st if a town is made opposite us – I am to controll it. 2nd I let no parties in – who will not consent to let me have and cut off all the timber that I choose –

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These men are willing to consent to that.

My purpose now is – (with your approval) to get as much land as I can opposite us - and get the R. Road located. Securing to the Hannibal & St. Joseph Co. land for their Machine Shop and foundry – where they can do their own repairing. Then lay off a town to harmonise the streets with the R.R. Track – and sell lots to mechanics and all sorts of laborers & others who want to use them.

I tell my Kentucky friends that when the time comes I will let them have shares very reasonably – always keeping a majority. Now you have a plenty of time to think & plan – write out for me a detailed plan for a Town Company – how many shares? how much to ask per share where the land cost $50_ per acre – about 4 lots to the acre.

Please name the Town or suggest one – these preliminary matters we will attend to very quickly – let nothing be published until its time to develop the whole. There is a pretty little sum to be made upon that side of the River to sell out now.

Be free to tell me just your ideas – and I will harmonise to them as well as I can –

We are now laying off the “Addition” – upon the north side of the Town – I am letting go a few lots there to secure buildings on them – as contained in our original contract with Abell & Stringfellow – If the Rail Road can be put through next season – we can sell lots enough to make such sinners as we are rich as sinners ought to be –

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The last payment of 1666.66$ to Abell & Stringfellow
The “ “ of Connolly lot 250.00 to Michal Connolly
2nd “ office lot 400.00 Mr. Carr
½ of above 2 / 2316.66
$1158.33 Your half

I have made on this date
Payable to W.E. Gaylord
2 drafts 500$ each 1000.00
1 “ $158 158
These Drafts are not sold – if I had the money I would [xxxx] the whole and wait until I could hear from you. I will keep them until the parties call for their pay. Your memorandum of the amount due I suppose harmonises with the above.

Please write often – tell your brother we are looking for a letter from him.

Cant you let some parties in NY have a few shares in this new town and get them to advance some money?

Show them the map – our place is doing well – Gov. Calhoun says “it is soon to beat Leavenworth.” You may talk of the new Town only to those who will interest themselves & advance money. I can get the land – but can’t advance the pay!

Very truly & hastily,

S. C. Pomeroy
T. Hyatt Esq.


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