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Untitled Document My dear SirAtchison KS July 24th [1857]

Your letter on board the Boat. And also the one from N.Y. City are both recd. I dont blame you for scolding about that Draft. I did not feel right about it, and intended to have seen you before you left, and made a deffinite arrangement. And afterwards thought if I could sell some Quindaro shares or other property, I would meet the payments until it would be more convenient for you for I know full well that the Hawks about Quindaro having as they thought, caught a pretty bird. They determined to pick him! But you will come out ahead of them yet, with good wings and some fine tailfeathers! They have already made odious their own nests and if they hatch anything – it will be a monster – neither fish – flesh or fowl.

I put my shares into the hands of Bliss & Chadwick & Dr. Ainsworth to be sold which offended them, and I have nothing to hope for from their bounty! I left a trunk at Cobby’s containing the silverware belonging to Mrs. Pomeroy and wearing apparel, quite valuable. The trunk is now missing & all its contents of course every body there even “Cock Eye” Smith “wonders where it had gone to” – I had sent one by Mr. Arny on the National Committee, a box of books from Washington D.C. The box left at Quindaro. Last week when I went for it, found the box had been opened and every book either taken out, or the name of some other person marked upon them. And they “wondered how it happened”.

Tuesday I went to Kansas City – to collect a payment due upon the sale of that Hotel. But could

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not collect a Dollar – or sell a share – The land sales at Osawka and other places take off for the present all the buyers. And I really do not know what to do to meet my own payments in August. I do not like to sell anything here. And this is the only place where I’ve got anything here that will sell – the addition to Atchison upon the North will soon be laid off. There are buyers here every day, but the time to sell is not yet. Gov. Calhoun and family are here – He takes a deep interest in our R. Road to St. Joseph. The profile & estimate of costs for that Road will be presented at our meeting tomorrow. It looks well toward a certainty of going.

If I could raise by paying 10 per cent $5000 I would not sell a thing before next Spring. I have not sold or agreed to but one lot (Block 50, No. 1) back side of town at the west – in the ravine – cost 5$. I sell for ($275) Two hundred & seventy five Dollars. And had it endorsed upon one of our payments due next January. And bound the man to put up a good blacksmith shop & stock it.

The Report of Mr. Sickles – Engineer of the Hannibal & St. Joseph R. Road has just been handed me. The distance from here to the Depot at St. Joseph is a little less than 20 miles. His estimate of the cost of grading & mason work – fitting the Road for the track is $118,500. !! My own opinion was it could be done for $150,000, that was what I told you when you were here. And it’s very gratifying to find his estimate lower than my own.

Tomorrow we have another meeting to complete the subscription to our stock. If the estimate of our Engineer is correct we can raise the money

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at Doniphan. Lane and others got up a quarrel and Whitfield has closed the Land Office and petitioned to have it removed to Atchison or Leavenworth –

Mrs. Guthrie has now become satisfied that I did not say she had become Mrs. S. or anything of the kind. How “hard up” some persons must be to tell such yarns –
Mrs. Pomeroy took a trip to Topeka with me and camped out most of the time. She has not had such good health for years.

Saw Mill runs well – and this Town is in better prospects than any I know of in Kansas – when your good brother gets ready to “break ground”, it will give us a new impetus.

I am chairman of a committee to fix the grade of the Levee and are sticking stakes today – My Mill Site is nearly graded.

Please write me by first mail and tell me how money matters are. Have you any relief from “puckerdom” – I am afflicted in the same neighborhood!

Dr. Rob has got his papers started. is going off well.

Kind regards to Mrs. Hyatt & your brother Theodore & I. Hyatt.

Truly yours
S.C. Pomeroy

P.S. Gov. Walker is “playing the fool” at Lawrence.

S.C. Pomeroy


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