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Fort Scott. Jan “4 -/59”


Listen to me. Today I heard you said in a speech a few days since, that you were not sorry you had killed John Little, that he was not killed to soon.

Can you before God say so? O, the anguish you have caused – He was one of the noblest men ever created, brave and true to his country and word. You can’t prove he ever injured an innocent person. –

A few days more and we were to of been married then go south to trouble you no more. But through your influance he was killed, sent to another world without even time

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to pray or say good bye to his friends.

But thanks to God if you did kill his body you can’t touch his soul, no, no it is in the spiritland, now, the cry of “the Osages are coming” can awake him no more, for he now quietly sleeps in our little grave yard,

But remember this, I am a girl but I can fire a pistol and if ever the time comes I will send some of you to the place where thers Weeping and knashing of teeth,” you a minister of God, you mean a minister of the devil and a very superior one too.

I have no more to say this time & you and your imps please accept the sincere regards for your future repentance


Sene Campbell


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