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Untitled Document Humbolt K. T.
December 30th/59

Friend Halderman

Your favor came to hand a few days previous to the Election & I have not heard of your being scratched any in Southern Kansas. I worked hard in Southern Kansas & had the day not of been so bitter cold we would have given a good account of ourselves. Our county went Republican by about twenty.

Well we are all defeated I presume, & I am not at all disapointed; to have carried Kansas at the last Election would have been equal to one of the seven wonders of the world. We all feel mutch indebted to you for your gallant fight in behalf of the Democracy & hope at some future time to be able to remunerate you for your good & valuable service. You can rest assured that we of southern Kansas are always ready to co-operate with

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our friends in Leavenworth & should you ever want any thing, let us know. I understand our friend [Goss?] intends contesting the seat of his appoint, (Mr Stewart) upon the grounds that Stewart is a nonresident of the Territory Should you be at Lecompton do what you can for him.

What is to be done as to a convention to appoint Delegates to Charleston or have you any confidence in Kansas being admitted into the Union this winter? I have thought from the beginning it was extremely doubtfull. Should we appoint delegates to Charleston what in your opinion would be best as to instructing them for Douglass or any one else?

I am of the opinion Douglass would get a larger vote in Kansas than any one else, provided we get a chance to vote. Please write at your earliest convenience.

Truly Your Friend
Orlin Thurston


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