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Untitled Document Lecompton, K. T. Dec. 10th 1859

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 8th came last night. I have no doubt we are beaten 1000 votes or more. The Republicans of Lawrence claim 1500. From the returns from the northern counties I should not be surprised to see it run up to 2000. I am greatly disappointed in the vote north of the Kaw, including Wyandott & excluding Leavenworth. The Wyandott vote “beats me out” as I had a letter from Mr. Smith the late mail Agent a few days before the election stating our majority would be from 75 to 100. They are all quarrelling through each other there, and that is all I know about it, but I have written for the facts.

I think you are mistaken about my having got the party vote in Leavenworth. My majority is less than any man’s on the ticket, with the exception of one or two. The excessively pure democrats in the county and the north have cut me as far as their numbers & and influence goes. Let it pass, as I suppose they are satisfied.

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You seem to think I was too sanguine in, my letter of the 6th. I spoke from what I saw and heard in the south. We have but little news of the actual result, but had the day been pleasant you would have seen sights. Johnson Co has given about 200 [xxx] Lykens nearly tied and not over 50 Rep. majority in Linn. These are rumors it is true but I presume something near the truth. We have perhaps 100 gain in Shawnee. Had the north done any thing in proportion, your election would have been certain.

Since my long and arduous trip – the longest and most interesting political tramp I ever took – I have not a solitary doubt left about our having a democratic majority in Kansas. Yet we have to submit to the eternal disgrace of having it go forth as a Black Old John Brown state. It is our own faults in part – and we deserve it, but I do not feel comfortable under the additional disgrace of running behind the balance of the ticket, by being cut by pure unadulterated Democrats, as must have been the case.

I want see, and have a long talk with you before you go to Washington. I would pay

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you a visit to Leavenworth, and rejoice with her noble democracy, but I shall have hardly time to prepare my message for the Territorial Legislature, and do up such correspondence as I find here – having accumulated in my absence. I have much to say to you and other democratic friends in Leavenworth and I regret my inability to pay you a visit.
Very respectfully

S. Medary


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