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Untitled Document Instructions as to Wyandot Float

Searl will learn the government lines before they are run and will communicate with you and then a decision must be made to the float located.

It is to be expected that there will be a fraction of a qr. sec. on the River and it is best for me that the fraction should be a small one so as to include Yates house and throw it on the first full qr. sec. Mrs. Shellys house will take the next qr. sec. south and throw Adams on the 3d. Then the float can be laid on the two full qr secs. And Paul can preempt the fraction next the river which he must settle on before the float is laid.

If the fraction is so large on the River as that it will include Yates house and should appreciate [xxx] to 160 acres so that the [cor?] of land would be small it might be as well located at once.

But if the loss on the fraction would be about 80 acres and there seems to be no suspicion abroad that I had bought the claims and therefore no probability of their being jumped the location of the float might be delayed in the hope that Yates would be allowed to preempt the 80 acres and Mrs. Shelly also the 80 acres so as to get half of the qr sec. on which Adams is [thrown?].

In the mean time I will endeavor to learn whether such a preemption will be allowed and also whether this process would be allowed for a float.

After Bush has signed the agreement for a line 30 Rods North of the stakes now standing, or at any rate if Bush should change his mind, Searl shd move the present stakes 30 Rods North and also measure from them to some land mark and he can then at any time if necessary make out the draft and description in duplicate in the name of Dr. I. Lykins

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Atty of Ebeneser I Reed (see the Deed) and have them prepared to deposit in the Sur General’s office but hold them a short time before filing them so as to avail ourselves of any thing that might happen to make a change of location desirable.

In locating fr the river south the distances may not reach the agreed line with [xxx] of Bush. If so the part left out should be on the South end.

The first object will be to get the full section if possible. The next not to lose what I am entitled to by a protracted and vain effert to get more.

I hope soon to get such information as will decide all doubts, and will at once write you from here or [xxx] Washington.


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