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Untitled Document To all whom it may concern, Wyandott Reservations West of the Missouri River

Public notice is hereby given of the determination of the Department of the Interior to maintain & protect in good faith, the rights of the Wyandott Indians reserves, their heirs or legal Representatives as intended by the 17th article of their treaty of March 17th, 1842, & also the location of the same as intended by the 7th article of the treaty of January 31st, 1855, against all intruders or improper adverse claims to the utmost extent warranted by laws & to such end the following views & regulations have been communicated & prescribed by said department to this office, to wit

The reserves are thirty-five in number & by the terms of the treaty of 1842, they are entitled to one section of 640 acres each, “out of any of the lands west of the Mississippi river, set apart for Indian use.” The treaty of 1855 permits each of them “their heirs or legal representatives”, to select and locate said reservations on any government lands West of the State of Missouri & Iowa, subject to preemption & settlement.”

First, The terms “Section of 640 acres” are to

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be understood in a technical sense, having reference to subdivisional surveys in a township containing thirty-six sections; but where the locations are made in advance of the public surveys, it cannot be expected that the lines of the former will be found to conform to the latter in any case, but by adopting the legal subdivisions of the public surveys; it will be practicable to reduce the area of the locations, in every case, very nearly within the limits of such subdivisions, giving to each its proper form of a mile square and thus conform to the spirit of the treaty-

Second – It will be necessary for each reserve so unmistakably to designate the lines & corners of his location by marks & monuments of some kind in the field, as to give effectual notice of its metes & bounds, & thereby forewarn all persons from intruding within the limits thereof. The lines should be made to conform as near as may be, to the cardinal points, & when the subdivisional surveys are being made in the townships, including such locations, the Deputy Surveyor will indicate such outlines in his notes & fieldplat, so as that the same may be afterwards indicated at this office by dotted lines on the township plat, by which means the area

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of the location may be understandingly reduced within the limits of the legal subdivisions; - A notice & description of the location of each claim laid off as aforesaid is required to be filed in this office-

Third – If after the public survey the Indian location shall prove to have been laid upon two or more different sections the reservation will be shown forth on the township plat by taking such legal subdivisions of the different sections (making up a square mile) as will most nearly conform to the lines of such locations whether such subdivisions be quarter sections, half quarter or quarter, quarter sections, & the same procedure will be observed in all other cases so requiring-

Fourth – In view of the lapse of time since 1842 when the right of the Indian was secured by the treaty, his claim will be regarded as justly entitled to precedence over that of the white settler in cases where his location either preceded or is of equal date with that of the white settler

Given under my hand at this day of 1855

By order of the commissioner of the General Land office – Surveyor General of Kansas & Nebraska

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I certify on honor that the Within is a true copy of a paper received yesterday from Commissioner of Indian affairs at Washington City-

Given under my hand and seal this 1st day of Sept 1855

J. Lykins (Seal)


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