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Untitled Document Mr Stinson
Dr. Sir: -

I arrived at your house & finding that you were absent, have taken the liberty of leaving with you 3 Plows, which are for sale. I started from Westport with 2 large loads, & having disposed of all of them but these, I deemed it unnecessary to go on farther with so small a number. The Plows are those with which you are perhaps acquainted, we having last season sold you some of the same

We wish you to take them, & sell them for us, at the full owing prices
$55.00 [written directly below “owing”]
- large Breaker, with wheels - $55.00
16 inch Breaker $33.00
12 [inch] Left Hand Plow $15.00

Sell them at these figures, if you can, for cash, – The price is as low as they can be shipped here for. & if sold, we will allow you any commission which is reasonable, for selling. If you succeed in selling, you can remit to us at your convenience or by mail. If you cannot find sale for them this spring

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let them remain here subject to our order & by so doing you will very much oblige

Yours very Respectfully
T. H. Ellis
of the firm of I. W. & T. H. Ellis

April 23rd 1856.


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