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Untitled Document April 4th / 56

Mr Thos Stinson

Your letter reached me in due time.. your request to me I will answer in this way. Our Agent Mr Wm Gay is just taking the Census of Our People and regulating the Pay Roll in such a maner, that it will be a future guide both as how we are to receive our money and land. There has been several of the adopted Shawnee’s struck off the pay Roll, and we have had a good deal of Difficulty about it. The Agent is trying to carry out the stipulation of the Treaty to the very letter, much to the dissatisfaction of some of the Council and Chiefs and much to the surprise of some of our adopted Whites, when they find they are struck off entirely from the Roll. Your Case has come up several times in the Council, and it has been proposed to strike you off but every attempt has failed so far. I suppose you know where your enemies are or can judge very nearly. But rest easy as to that, you have friends who will not allow the outrage of having these Conexions Erased from our Roll. We will give your name in in due time with your family. Aleck and child will be enrolled but I fear not his wife You need come down if you are not obliged until payment, which will be in about three weeks

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I suppose we will after enroling your name and Mrs Stinson leave room for your children blank which you can fill up when you come to payment, no more at present yours

Wilm. Donaldson

By M. H. King

Done at the Council House
Johnson County
Shawnee Reserve, K. T.


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