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Untitled Document Kansas City, Mo, May 13, 1856.

My Dear Mother: -

You will have learned, ere this that I am envisoned by a party of desperados who seek my life. I know not what my destiny may be, but be assured you will have no cause to blush for the conduct of your son. Lois will show you my letter detailing my condition, and my friend who bears this to Lawrence will give you particulars.

I have made arrangements or rather given directions for the continuance of the Herald of Freedom in case my connection with it shall cease. My labor has been to extend the area of human freedom, and if it is mine to die at the hands of a mob remember that the press which promulgates my sentiments is speaking my voice. If I have property or friend, let them join hands in keeping the Herald afloat. No relative of mine will claim any interest in my property so long as it can be used in the promulgation of the rights.

Thanking you , my dear mother, for the principles of truth which you incubated in my youthful mind, and trusting that I shall meet you

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to receive your love, I am, with fondest recollections your faithful, and devoted son.

G.W. Brown

The above letter, with one dated July 24, '56, was found carefully preserved in "The Old Family Bible", where my mother had placed it, and was passed to me by my Sister Mary Ann, with the Bible itself, soon after her (my mother's) death, in October, 1859.


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