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Untitled Document A Wattles
Ft. Scott, April 28, 1858

Friend Hutchinson.
I wrote you yesterday but before finishing my letter, the Postmaster took it and sent it off. This reminds me of old times in Lawrence. On Monday night a Free State man was brot in by a company of guerrillas and sentenced to be shot. A company of seven took him down into the timber & drew lots who should kill him. The lot fell on Broccket & when he deliberately shot him dead. They stated that he was carrying a message from Capt. Montgomery and others to Crawford & others. They came to the Hotel & swore they would kill Crawford & others, and came

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armed, for the purpose of executing their threats. Judge Williams who over heard the plan of attack accompanied them to the Hotel & prevented a collission. Brocket presented his pistol several times at the Judge, threatening to shoot him if he did not desist. But the Judge succeeded for the time. And now they compell the free State men to guard the home and be ready for a fight night & day.

This pro slavery party who own no property here are threatening to burn the town. And Mr Crawford tells me, he feels more fear from them than he does from the outside free State men who threaten to burn it. Several of the soldiers have unknown to the officers, aided the guerillas, nights, in scanning the country. Today they were tried

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by the company, and sentenced to leave the town in five hours or receive, five lashes, on the bare back from each member of the company. They were furnished with a blanket, & their back pay- seven of the mean soldiers were thus shipped off. The company is now talking of attacking the horse thieves who have corrupted their comrades, i.e., the guerrillas.

I had a talk with Judge Williams to day. He says Stewart & others, need not attend at this term of the court. He knows it will be unsafe & will postpone the trials. I came down for Dr. Kimberly & Capt. Baine.

Nearly all of the settlers have left the Little Osage. There is not an inhabitant of

Sprattsville left. I met at Moneka

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freight wagons of [xxx] with 30 yoke of oxen going north who left the vicinity of Mapleton. They were free State men. They tell the most distressing tales. Today I have seen several pro slavery families moving from the Marmaton & Little Osage. They tell tales equally harrowing-property stolen or destroyed-families violently removed-men shot down in cold blood-and the whole county in anarchy & blood. No man obeys the laws & but few appeal to them.
Please tell Stewart that he need not come to the trial, But the men want friends here Montgomery & his men would be arrested for murder if they could be found, by the U. S. troops.

Yours truly
Aug. Wattles


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