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Untitled Document Vigilance Club

Not exceeding nine in every voting precinct
Pres, Secy, & Treas. In each who [xxx] ex com with Grand Club at Lawrence, to whom all others shall report
Sign – Rub corner of eye with left little finger
Answer – Seize lower part of left ear with thumb & finger
Password – Have you heard the news from Washington?
Ans – Yes, with trembling.

Obligation – I – A. B. in becoming a member of the V. C. do hereby most solemnly agree that I will not reveal any of the objects, the signs, or password, or even the name of the V. C. nor write, print, or engrave the same. Except to persons belonging to the same precinct Club or to members of the Grand Club, under penalty of having my name published throughout all the clubs in Kansas as a man void of honor.


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