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Muster Roll, Kansas Volunteers for the Protection of the Ballot Box, Wyandotte County
The Kansas Volunteers for the Protection of the Ballot Box were free state supporters who were determined to see that fair elections were held in Kansas. James Lane was appointed to organize companies throughout the territory. General Order No. 1, found on this site, included instructions for listing the members of each company. This muster roll was prepared as a result of that order. This muster roll for Captain A. H. Macauley's company listed the officers and enlisted men, their age, place of birth, where from to Kansas, Kansas residence, and a place for "remarks." The latter was used to record the type of weapon the individual was issued or brought with him: e.g., Sharps, Western rifle, Carbine. All the men appeared to be residents of Quindaro, Wyandotte County in their twenties or early thirties.

Keywords: Election fraud; Elections; Free state militia; Free state movement (see also Topeka Movement); Free state supporters; Guns; Kansas Volunteers; Kansas Volunteers for the Protection of the Ballot Box; Macauley, A. H.; Militia; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Sharps rifles; Topeka Movement (see also Free state movement); Voting; Voting fraud (see also Contested elections); Weapons (see also Guns); Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Authors: No authors specified.

Document, Quindaro, Taxes Received from Charles Robinson
[August 1, 1860]
This is an itemized statement issued by Quindaro Township for the taxes paid by Charles Robinson in 1859 on property owned in the city of Quindaro.

Keywords: Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Real estate; Real property tax; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894

Authors: Quindaro Township

Expense Account, Pay Roll of the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention
July 5, 1859 - October 3, 1859
This document listed the expenses for the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention, including per diem for delegates (individuals listed by name), payments for printing, and some post-convention canvassing costs.

Keywords: Constitutions; Financial statements; Winchell, James M., 1823-1877; Wyandotte Constitution; Wyandotte Constitutional Convention, July 1859; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory

Authors: Unknown

Register of Voters. . . Quindaro, Wyandott County
[August] 1859
George Bodenburgh, clerk, apparently compiled this voter list--"Registry of Voters of the township of Quindaro, Wyandott County, K.T. for the year A.D. 1859"--in the summer of 1859, as he noted at the bottom that he would be at Charles Chadwick's office to receive and record additional registrants on August 18 and 19, 1859. The register contained more than 250 names, with residence (all Quindaro) and occupation (farmers, merchants, laborers, lawyers, etc.).

Keywords: Bodenburgh, George; Chadwick, Charles; Elections; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Skilled workers; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Authors: Unknown

Letter, Alfred Gray, Quindaro, Kansas Territory, to Geo. W. Patterson
June 18, 1860
Gray wrote this draft of a letter to George W. Patterson concerning a treaty between the U. S. government and the Delaware Indians at the request of Rev. Pratt, a missionary to the tribe. Gray was concerned that the treaty was unfair to many of the Delaware and that the U.S. government was negotiating with four older chiefs, not some of the younger members of the tribe. He wrote that many of the Delaware were too intimidated to complain.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Delaware Indians; Gray, Alfred; Indian lands; Indian treaties; Native Americans; Patterson, George W.; Pratt, J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Authors: Gray, Alfred

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