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Letter, John Doy to Mr. Strong
Authors: Doy, John
Date:  October 19, 1854
John Doy, writing from Lawrence, K. T. to a Mr. Strong, described an incident in which a Westport, Missouri man charged him extra money for notary services because he "was a Yankee."

Keywords: Antislavery; Doy, John; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Notaries; Proslavery

Letter, John Doy to Friend [Thomas W.] Higginson
Authors: Doy, John
Date:  February 24, 1857
John Doy wrote from Lawrence to Thomas W. Higginson, relating the struggles of his family and other matters of interest in the territory. He had to sell the last of his corn crop and his pig just to make ends meet during the winter. He also briefly mentioned the Central Committee, stating that he did not ask them for relief funds or provisions, because recently they had acted improperly towards some ladies. He also informed Higginson of an altercation at Lecompton, where Missourians shot a storekeeper named Mr. Shepard, and "Sherrard their Bully late of Virginia was shot and died in a day or two." In addition, Doy spoke of the "bogus officers" and their work in the territory.

Keywords: Border disputes and warfare; Casualties; Doy, John; Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, 1823-1911; Kansas Central Committee; Lecompton, Kansas Territory; Relief; Violence


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