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Map of Eastern Kansas
Authors: Searl, Albert D.; Whitman, E. B.
Date: 1856
An 1856 map of eastern Kansas. Includes topographic features. Indicates locations of forts, missions, and post offices. Identifies Santa Fe Trail as Santa Fe Road. Indicates Native American inhabitation. Includes illustrations: Ruins of Eldridge House, Lawrence, Kansas, Destroyed May 21st 1856. Constitution Hall, Topeka, Kansas. Eldridge House, Lawrence, Kansas. Includes inset map of Fort Riley. Shows towns, roads and adjoining boundaries of Nebraska Territory and Missouri. Link to scanned image at Wichita State University Libraries - Special Collections.

Keywords: Maps; Searl, Albert D.; Whitman and Searl; Whitman, E. B.

Letter, Charles H. Branscomb to Rev. Edward E. Hale
Authors: Branscomb, Charles H.
Date: April 25, 1857
Charles Branscomb wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory to Edward Everett Hale, a member of the New England Emigrant Aid Company's Executive Committee. Branscomb informed Hale that he had advanced money Francis Serenbetz and his party of thirty German emigrants to assist them in their effort to establish a colony on the Neosho River. Branscomb indicated that there had been considerable confusion about whether the New England Emigrant Aid Company had agreed to provide the Serenbetz party with funds, but he felt it best to provide the money.

Keywords: Branscomb, Charles H.; Collective settlement; Germans; Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Nute, Ephraim; Pomeroy, S. C. (Samuel Clarke), 1816-1891; Religious communities; Serenbetz, Francis M.; Whitman, E. B.

Letter, [E. B. Whitman?] to [Franklin B.] Sanborn
Authors: Whitman, E. B.
Date: May 10, 1857
E. B. Whitman (letter not signed, but author's identity is pretty clear), an agent in Lawrence for the National Kansas Committee, wrote Franklin Sanborn in Massachusetts regarding his disappointment with the lack of support being given by "our professed friends" in the East. To their discredit, according to Whitman, Massachusetts "supporters" had refused to provide assistance which was desperately needed for the Kansas settlers who had just endured a very "severe winter." He believed false information was being circulated for political purposes by individuals within the Free State movement: "Kansas, bleeding Kansas, is of value to them only so far as it subserves their selfish ends."

Keywords: Dred Scott decision; Free state cause; Free state movement (see also Topeka Movement); Free state settlers; Free state supporters; Land claims; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Massachusetts; Massachusetts State Kansas Committee; National Kansas Committee; Relief funds; Sanborn, F. B. (Franklin Benjamin), 1831-1917; Settlement; Vermont; Whitman, E. B.

Letter, E. B. Whitman to S. L. Adair
Authors: Whitman, E. B.
Date: May 15, 1857
Whitman, located in Lawrence, was the general agent for the National Kansas Committee that was distributing relief supplies in Kansas Territory. He wrote that he was sending Adair potatoes and corn to be distributed for planting. Evidently Adair had written him previously about some boxes of supplies he expected and Whitman speculated they were either in Wyandotte or St. Louis on the Steamer Light Foot on the Kansas River.

Keywords: Adair, Samuel Lyle; Agriculture; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Lightfoot (steamboat); National Kansas Committee; Relief; Steamboats; Whitman, E. B.

Letter, E. B. Whitman to My dear [Franklin B.] Sanborn
Authors: Whitman, E. B.
Date: May 18, 1857
In his May 18 report to Franklin Sanborn, agent Whitman of Lawrence again cast shame on Massachusetts for its failure to provided needed financial support for the cause in Kansas but focused on his efforts to provide aid for "the school project." Whitman claimed credit for establishing both an elementary school and a high school, the latter of which "is fast becoming a Model," and he hoped his financing would not disappear. He also comments on the political situation, especially the fact that Charles Robinson had "to a large extent" lost the "confidence" of the people.

Keywords: Chicago, Illinois; Education; Free state support; Hyatt, Thaddeus; Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Massachusetts; National Kansas Committee; Sanborn, F. B. (Franklin Benjamin), 1831-1917; Stanton, Frederick Perry, 1814-1894; Topeka Legislature (see Free state legislature); Whitman, E. B.

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