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Act of Incorporation
Authors: Fields, Henry C.
Date: June 8, 1858
This handwritten copy of the act of incorporation for Wyandotte City declares that this town will be incorporated into Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory. It was decided in court after several taxpayers presented a petition requesting their incorporation into the territory and permission to establish a local government. This document was recorded by Henry C. Fields, clerk of the court at Leavenworth.

Keywords: Courts; Glick, Charles S.; Killen, Daniel; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; McKay, William; Petitions; Russell, George; Town settlement; Town sites; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory

Letter, R. [Robert] S. Stevens to My Dear Sir [Orville C. Brown]
Authors: Stevens, Robert S.
Date: February 18, 1860
This letter, written by Robert Stevens while in Washington, D. C., was addressed to Orville C. Brown, Osawatomie, Kansas Territory. It informed Brown that the Land Office had decided that all entries of town sites made by Kansas probate judges were null and void. Stevens inquired as to whether Osawatomie had a formal municipal organization. He also urged Brown to discuss this issue with no one, in order to prevent others from jumping the town site.

Keywords: Brown, Orville Chester, 1811-1904; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Stevens, Robert S.; Town sites; United States. General Land Office

Map, Gebiet von Kansas ["Territory of Kansas"]
Authors: Meilen, Geogr.
Date: c. 1860s?
Undated map of eastern Kansas and western Missouri. These regions are home to the many battles and skirmishes between free state and proslavery supporters.

Keywords: Kansas Territory; Maps; Settlement; Town sites; Travel

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