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Letter, Ellen D. G. [Goodnow] to My Dear Husband [Isaac Goodnow]
Authors: Goodnow, Ellen
Date: August 16, 1859
Ellen Goodnow wrote from Manhattan, Kansas Territory, to her husband, Isaac, who was traveling on the East coast. Ellen updated him on the progress of Bluemont College's construction, and suggested that they move into the school building temporarily to keep watch over loose supplies ("anything moveable is in danger"), especially doors and windows. She recounted an incident in which a housemate's accident left him with a deep headwound and included details of the treatment. Goodnow also listed more supplies that she needed from the East, gave Isaac clothing suggestions to keep healthy, and expressed her fatigue at running the household without him.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Construction; Denison, Joseph; Domestics; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Health; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Marlott, Washington; Medicine; Riley County, Kansas Territory; School buildings; Wounds and injuries

Letter, Joseph Denison [to Isaac Goodnow]
Authors: Denison, Joseph
Date: August 28, 1859
Joseph Denison attached this letter to Isaac Goodnow to the end of a longer one written by Isaac's wife Ellen. Denison advised Goodnow to purchase insurance for the college buildings as soon as possible, to prevent a large investment loss. He also suggested that, once the roof of the building was completed, that someone sleep there at night for security reasons. Denison added that the railroad from Wyandotte to Fort Riley now had a stop in Manhattan, complete with depot.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Denison, Joseph; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Insurance; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Railroads; Riley County, Kansas Territory; School buildings; Town development

Letter, Joseph Denison to Dear Br. [Isaac] Goodnow
Authors: Denison, Joseph
Date: September 7, 1859
Joseph Denison wrote from Soldier Creek, Jackson County, K.T., to Isaac Goodnow. Denison reported on the construction of the Bluemont College building, advising him that the lower floor would need plastering before classes could be held there in the coming winter. He recounted the sinking of the steamer "Gus Linn", which was carrying building supplies for the College, on a sandbar in the Kansas River. Denison also recommended that Goodnow see about purchasing a common seal for the Trustees of Bluemont College to use on legal documents.

Keywords: Blood, C.E.; Bluemont Central College; Business enterprises; Construction; Denison, Joseph; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; House furnishings; Jackson County, Kansas Territory (see also Calhoun County, Kansas Territory); Kansas River, Kansas Territory; School buildings; Steamboats

Report of the Territorial Superintendent of Common Schools
Authors: Greer, Samuel W
Date: December 31, 1859
This printed report was submitted to the Kansas Territorial Legislature by Gov. Medary on January 4, 1860. S. W. Greer, the Territorial Superintendent of Common Schools reported that fifteen counties had submitted reports and schools were taught in 136 districts comprising 7,029 children. He reported on how he visited school districts and included some information on various types of schools in the state. He wrote that the pay for the superintendent was inadequate, due to the value of territorial scrip being worth 30 cents on the dollor. He indicated that he had to use $500 of his own funds in the past year. He wrote about the need to establish normal schools (for training teachers) and to hold teachers' institutes. He wanted to increase the standards for teacher qualifications. He also discussed various aspects of educational methodologies of the period. He included short reports from the following counties: Douglas, Anderson, Jackson, Nemaha, and Osage as well as some statistics from all organized counties. This report was taken from the Journal of the House of Representatives, Kansas Territory, 1859, pages 34 through 82.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Anderson County, Kansas Territory; Community life; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Greer, Samuel Wiley; Jackson County, Kansas Territory (see also Calhoun County, Kansas Territory); Kansas Territory. Legislature; Native Americans; Nemaha County, Kansas Territory; Osage County, Kansas Territory; School buildings; Superintendent of Public Instruction

Letter, D. Vanderslice to Builders
Authors: Vanderslice, Daniel
Date: May 11, 1860
Daniel Vanderslice, an Indian Agent, solicited builders with which he could contract in order to erect a school house and teacher's dwellings on the Iowa Indian Reservation near White Cloud, Kansas Territory. Vanderslice already had drawn up prospective plans and specifications for a school building, but welcomed other suggestions from independent contractors, just as long as the total cost of those suggested were at or under his set budget.

Keywords: Construction; Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Education; Indian agents; Iowa Indians; Native Americans; School buildings; Vanderslice, Daniel; White Cloud, Kansas Territory

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