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Report of H. J. Strickler, Commissioner to Audit Claims of Citizens of the Territory of Kansas
Authors: Strickler, Hiram Jackson
Date: 1859
William H. P. Bristow operated a store in Easton and on September 15-16, 1856, the items listed in his claim (#183) were taken by a Lindsay Greeming who was in a territorial militia company commanded by H. C. Dunn. The claim provided a very detailed list of fabric and clothing that was taken from Mr. Bristow's store. Each claimant had to submit an itemized list and have two witnesses attest to the losses claimed. Even though many of these claims were approved for payment, no funds were ever appropriated or distributed.

Keywords: Bristow, William H. P.; Damage claims; Dunn, H. C.; Easton, Kansas Territory; Fabric shops; Greeming, Lindsay; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Retail businesses; Strickler, Hiram Jackson

Atchison City Directory, and Business Mirror for 1859-60, Containing the Name and Residence of Every Male Citizen, a Business Mirror, and an Appendix of Much Useful Information
Authors: Sutherland & McEvoy
Date: 1859
This was the first City Directory published for Atchison. In addition to advertisements, a street directory, and information about various civic institutions in Atchison, it also contained an historical sketch of the city written by Dr. J. H. Stringfellow, one of Atchison's "earliest pioneers." Some women are listed in the directory if they operated a business such as a boarding house, if they had a job, or, apparently, if they were widowed or unmarried. The "business mirror" section listed individual businesses grouped by the type of business or profession. The appendix included a listing of city and county officials.

Keywords: Advertisements; Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Atchison, Kansas Territory; Business; Business enterprises; Commerce; Community life; Economic development; Retail businesses; Stringfellow, John H.; Town development; Women

Barclay's Business Directory of Leavenworth for 1859
Authors: Pierse, Allen
Date: 1859
In addition to a listing of businesses and advertisements, the directory included the elected officials for the city of Leavenworth for 1858-59 and the newspapers published in Leavenworth. A few women are listed as owners of businesses. The information for the directory was compiled by Allen Pierse.

Keywords: Business; Business enterprises; Commerce; Community life; Economic development; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Newspapers; Pierse, Allen; Retail businesses; Town development; Women

Hints and Information for the use of Emigrants to Pike's Peak Embracing a Concise and Comprehensive Sketch of the Gold Region, the Best Routes, Points of Outfit, etc.
Authors: Drake, Samuel Adams
Date: 1860
This printed guide to those intending to go the the gold fields near Pike's Peak included a short history of the region since the discovery of the gold and a list of distances from Leavenworth via various locations to Denver City. It contained various tips about how to prepare for the trip. The pamphlet also promoted Leavenworth as "superior to any point on the border" and contained information about the city and the businesses there. For example, the pamphlet listed the number of various kinds of businesses, manufacturers, occupations, and social institutions in Leavenworth. A hand written note on the item indicated the information in the pamphlet was published in the Leavenworth Daily Times on February 14, 1860.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Denver City, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Pikes Peak gold rush; Retail businesses; Town promotion; Travel

Advertisement calendar produced of O. Wilmath Books and Stationery
Authors: Wilmarth, O.
Date: 1860
O. Wilmarth's business was located in the Eldridge House, Lawrence, Kansas Territory. This advertisement calendar for 1860 indicated that Wilmarth was a wholesale and retail dealer in books and stationery. He also sold newspapers, magazines, and periodicals as well as wall paper and window shades.

Keywords: Advertisements; Books; Business; Business enterprises; Commerce; Community life; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Eldridge House; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Retail businesses

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