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Letter, Abelard Guthrie to Hiram Hill, Esq
Authors: Guthrie, Abelard
Date: November 11, 1858
Abelard Guthrie, a member of the Quindaro Town Company, wrote from Quindaro, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill in Massachusetts, rebutting Hill's accusations that he had acted in bad faith regarding certain enterprises of the Town Company. Guthrie stated that he had intended to begin the grading work on Kansas Avenue and other roads, but had found that the Company's funds were depleted; he suspected a swindling. He defended himself in light of other land purchases and business transactions and expressed extreme frustration at his bleak financial situation.

Keywords: Economic conditions; Fraud; Guthrie, Abelard; Hill, Hiram; Land acquisition; Quindaro Town Company; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Roads; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Statement related to the Quindaro Town Company
Authors: Robinson, Charles
Date: November 22, 1858
Charles Robinson gave his consent as an individual member of the Quindaro Town Company that the Board of Trade could use the town company's printing press and type free of charge if they agreed to publish the Quindaro Chindowan on a weekly basis for three months beginning in December, 1858. The document also included Robinson's consent to pay Mrs. Nichols the $125 due her.

Keywords: Newspapers; Nichols, Clarina Irene Howard, 1810-1885; Quindaro Chindowan; Quindaro Town Company; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Town development; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Letter, Ablard Wethier [?] to Josiah Miller, Esq.
Authors: Wethier, Ablard
Date: June 26, 1860
Ablard Wethier wrote from Quindaro, Kansas Territory, to Josiah Miller, seeking the whereabouts of Charles Robinson and requesting that Miller serve him this notice to appear. Wethier claimed that Robinson had invested in the Quindaro Town Company but had sabotaged its endeavors. Wethier also stated that Robinson was "fatal to any enterprise he touches" and that "nothing but such an incubus [as Robinson] could keep down Quindaro."

Keywords: Fraud; Miller, Josiah; Quindaro Town Company; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Town companies; Town development; Wethier, Ablard; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Pamphlet, "To the Public", an expose of the business practices of Charles Robinson
Authors: Guthrie, Abelard
Date: December 31, 1860
Abelard Guthrie, who had been a member of the Quindaro Town Company along with Charles Robinson, accused Robinson of abusing his position as Treasurer of the Company towards fraudulent and financially disastrous ends. Guthrie claimed that "the duty if every man is to expose villians whenever he has indubitable evidence of their true character," and berated himself for having trusted Robinson for so long. His accusations against Robinson are numerous, and he contended that "there is a moral poison in his very touch that blights and ruins whatever it falls upon."

Keywords: Business enterprises; Fraud; Guthrie, Abelard; Quindaro Town Company; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Real estate investment; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Town companies; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Photograph, Abelard Guthrie
Authors: No authors specified.
Abelard Guthrie was a member of the Wyandot tribe through his marriage to his wife Quindaro Nancy. He was elected as the Wyandot delegate to Congress in 1852. He was involved in the development of the town of Quindaro and had business dealing with numerous early territorial settlers.

Keywords: Guthrie, Abelard; Photographs and Illustrations; Quindaro Town Company; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Wyandot Indians; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

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