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Letter, G. Garrison to My Dear Friend and Nephew [Samuel Adair]
Authors: Garrison, Gamaliel
Date: Probably December 15, 1856
Mr. Garrison wrote from Yellow Springs, Ohio, after returning from Osawatomie. He mentioned the death of David Garrison and Frederick Brown, who had both been killed in the conflict in Kansas. Garrison wrote that he had expected all his sons to settle in Kansas and that David's wife Rachel still speaks well of the country. He hoped that it would be possible to hold on to David's claim for his heirs.

Keywords: Adair, Samuel Lyle; Brown, Frederick; Garrison, David R.; Garrison, Gamaliel; Garrison, Rachel A.; Land claims; Lykins County, Kansas Territory (see also Miami County, Kansas); Miami County, Kansas (see also Lykins County, Kansas Territory); Ohio; Osawatomie, Battle of; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Yellow Springs, Ohio

Letter, James Garrison to S. L. Adair
Authors: Garrison, James
Date: December 15, 1856
James Garrison wrote from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio to his cousin Samuel Adair. The letter concerned relief efforts on behalf of the free state settlers and concerns about fraud on the part of agents collecting money and goods. Garrison wrote that the Cincinnati Gazette had published a long list of names of Kansas citizens who had been refused clothing by the relief society. He felt an explanation to the public was needed if the relief efforts were to be continued. The letterhead included an engraving of Antioch College. The sheet of paper also contained a letter from Gamaliel Garrison.

Keywords: Adair, Samuel Lyle; Antioch College; Cincinnati Gazette; Garrison, Gamaliel; Garrison, James; Ohio; Relief; Relief fraud; Yellow Springs, Ohio

Letter, R. A. G. [Rachel Garrison] to Dear Friends (Samuel Adair]
Authors: Garrison, Rachel A.
Date: December 16, 1856
Rachel Garrison, David's widow, is writing from Yellow Springs, Ohio, with instructions to Samuel Adair on how to settle her family's affairs in Kansas. She wants to try to hold on to her claim but hopes to sell a wagon for $100 and to collect on a note for $40. Sometimes she feels like she wants to return to Kansas. Her husband David was killed in the Battle of Osawatomie.

Keywords: Adair, Samuel Lyle; Brown, Jason; Casualties; Garrison, Rachel A.; Land claims; Lykins County, Kansas Territory (see also Miami County, Kansas); Miami County, Kansas (see also Lykins County, Kansas Territory); Ohio; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Yellow Springs, Ohio

Letter, J. H. Kagi to "My dear Father"
Authors: Kagi, John Henry
Date: December 20, 1856
Just released from "prison" after three months, John H. Kagi wrote to his father (who still resided in their native Ohio but was then in Nebraska City) from Topeka, regarding the poor state of his health and finances, as well as politics and future plans. Kragi wanted his father and/or his father's money in KT as soon as possible.

Keywords: Bogus legislature; Democratic Party (U.S.); Free state cause; Free state legislature; Free state perspective; Kagi, John Henry; Nebraska City, Nebraska Territory; Ohio; Topeka Tribune

Letter, James Garrison to Dear Cousin [Samuel Adair]
Authors: Garrison, James
Date: December 29, 1856
Garrison wrote to his cousin Samuel Adair that he had collected $104.75 to be used for relief in Kansas. He was concerned about how to get the money to Adair and suggested that if he had been able to collect on the sale of Rachel Garrison's goods, that he should use that money instead. He also wanted Adair to write a letter of acknowledgement to the Free Presbyterian published in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Keywords: Adair, Samuel Lyle; Garrison, James; Garrison, Rachel A.; Ohio; Relief; Yellow Springs, Ohio

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