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Testimonies of Samuel Nickel and Miles Morris
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: December 30, 1856
These testimonies, taken down by the National Kansas Committee, related the Kansas experiences of Samuel Nickel and Miles Morris, including their personal backgrounds. Nickel's claim was burned to the ground by Missourians, and he was forced to hide in the woods for fear they would take his life. The testimony of Miles Morris described his settlement on Pottawatomie Creek.

Keywords: Border ruffians; Fort Saunders, Kansas Territory (see also Camp Saunders); Grain; Morris, Miles; Nickel, Samuel; Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas Territory; Violence

Report of H. J. Strickler, Commissioner to Audit Claims of Citizens of the Territory of Kansas
Authors: Strickler, Hiram Jackson
Date: 1859
Samuel Nickel submitted this claim (No. 13) for damages to his property on or about September 1, 1856 by a company of men under the command of General Clark. Mr. Nickel lived in Linn County. Each claimant had to submit an itemized list and have two witnesses attest to the losses claimed. Even though many of these claims were approved for payment, no funds were ever appropriated or distributed.

Keywords: Damage claims; Militia; Nickel, Samuel; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; Strickler, Hiram Jackson


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