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Letter, I. L. Wilde to C. P. Williams
Authors: Wilde, Isaac L.
Date: May 12, 1856
Isaac L. Wilde, writing from New York City, described to C. P. Williams, chairman of the New York State Kansas Committee, the difficulties he was experiencing in recruiting individuals to emigrate to Kansas.

Keywords: Emigration and immigration; Migration, internal; New York State Kansas Committee; New York, New York; Wilde, Isaac L.; Williams, C. P.

Meeting of National Kansas Committee
Authors: Hurd, H. B.
Date: January 7, 1857
This advertisement, posted by H.B. Hurd, secretary of the National Kansas Committee, called a meeting for the purpose of hearing reports from the central committees of the various states.

Keywords: Chicago, Illinois; Dana, Charles A.; Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872; Hurd, H. B.; Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886; National Kansas Committee; New York, New York; Relief funds; Smith, Gerritt

Resolutions, National Kansas Committee
Authors: National Kansas Committee
Date: January 24, 1857
"At a meeting of the National Kansas Committee held at the Astor House in the City of New York," January 1, 1857, it was resolved that $5,000 should be committed to John Brown for "any defensive measures that may become necessary." The committee also authorized a set amount of "arms & supplies."

Keywords: Brown, John, 1800-1859; Free state cause; Free state supporters; Guns; National Kansas Committee; New York, New York; Weapons (see also Guns)

Letter, Joseph Bryant to Friend [John] Brown
Authors: Bryant, Joseph
Date: April 23, 1857
One of Brown's devoted "Christian friends," Joseph Bryant, New York, wrote to pledge his continued support, both financial and spiritual; although Bryant was "poor in purse," he could give some financial help and would solicit more from others.

Keywords: Brown, John, 1800-1859; Bryant, Joseph; Finance; Free state supporters; New York, New York; Religion; Religious communities

Letter, I. T. G. [Isaac Goodnow] to My Dear Ellen [Goodnow]
Authors: Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894
Date: October 22, 1857
Isaac Goodnow wrote from New York City to his wife in Shannon, Kansas Territory. This letter is one of many written from Goodnow to Ellen which update her on the status of his travels and fundraising. This particular example includes a mention of Goodnow's desire to solicit the support of Henry Ward Beecher, whose pamphlet "Defence of Kansas" speaks passionately against allowing slavery in the Territory.

Keywords: Beecher, Henry Ward; Business enterprises; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; New York, New York; Travel

Letter, James Peckham to H. Miles Moore
Authors: Peckham, James
Date: December 13, 1857
Peckham, writing from New York City, described Northern opposition to the Lecompton Constitution. He also offered advice to Moore, a Free State advocate from Leavenworth, K. T. that Free State supporters refrain from seeking the admission of Kansas as a state under the Topeka Constitution.

Keywords: Antislavery; Constitutions; Free state; Lecompton Constitution; Moore, H. Miles (Henry Miles), b. 1826; New York, New York; Peckham, James; Topeka Constitution

Letter, W. T. Sherman to Wm. T. Coleman & Co.
Authors: Sherman, William T. ((William Tecumseh), 1820-1891
Date: November 15, 1858
From Leavenworth on behalf of "two sons of the Hon. Thos Ewing of Ohio" and himself, Sherman informed Coleman & Co., "No. 88, Wall Street New York," that the firm would be pleased to be of whatever service they could. He then wrote of Leavenworth's great prospects: "we propose to make this our future home. . . . It now contains 10000 people, and reminds me much in the appearance of its houses, streets, and people of California towns in 1851 & 2."

Keywords: California; Ewing, Thomas, 1789-1871; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; New York, New York; Ohio; Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891; Town promotion; Wm. T. Coleman & Co.

Letter, Tho. Ewing Jr to Dear Vernon [Thomas Vernon]
Authors: Ewing, Jr., Thomas , 1829-1896
Date: February 23, 1860
Along with a request that his friend Thomas Vernon purchase a list of used books for him in New York City, Ewing commented on the presidential nomination and the fact that the Republicans were "not so extensively engaged in preaching the irrepressible conflict as before John Browns day." Ewing hoped the party picked someone "at least as moderate" as Abraham Lincoln, whom he "could heartily support."

Keywords: Bates, Edward, 1793-1869; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Election, Presidential, 1860; Ewing, Thomas, 1829-1896; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; New York, New York; Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ); Vernon, Thomas

Letter, Tho. Ewing Jr to Dear Hugh [Ewing]
Authors: Ewing, Jr., Thomas , 1829-1896
Date: January 17, 1861
To his brother Hugh Ewing, who was apparently visiting family in Lancaster, Ohio, Thomas Ewing wrote concerning his upcoming trip to New York and Washington. His major focus was the prospect of Charles Robinson being appointed Commissioner of Indian affairs in the new administration, and his (Ewing's) likely selection to the U.S. Senate if Robinson captured that position.

Keywords: Civil war; Ewing, Hugh; Ewing, Thomas, 1829-1896; Indian Affairs, Commissioner of; Lancaster, Ohio; Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; New York, New York; Parrott, Marcus J., 1828-1879; Presidential appointments; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; United States. Commissioner of Indian Affairs; United States. Congress. Senate; Washington, D.C.

Letter, Tho. Ewing Jr to Dear Father [Thomas Ewing, Sr.]
Authors: Ewing, Jr., Thomas , 1829-1896
Date: January 20, 1861
As with the January 17 letter to his brother, Ewing, Jr., stressed the significance of Robinson's appointment as Commissioner of Indian Affairs in this letter to his father in Lancaster, Ohio. Ewing expressed high regard for Robinson's abilities and believed he had wide support, from virtually every "republican of note in Kansas save Jim: Lane."

Keywords: Civil war; Ewing, Thomas, 1789-1871; Ewing, Thomas, 1829-1896; Indian Affairs, Commissioner of; Lancaster, Ohio; Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; New York, New York; Ohio; Presidential appointments; Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ); Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Stanton, Frederick Perry, 1814-1894; United States. Commissioner of Indian Affairs; United States. Congress. Senate; Washington, D.C.


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