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Letter, Cornelius Seth, et al. to Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Authors: Denny, Lewis ; Gray, Michael ; Seth, Cornelius C.
Date: July 26, 1859
Cornelius Seth, Lewis Denny, and Michael Gray, all leaders of Indian groups referred to as "New York Indians", wrote to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. The three acted as representatives of their tribes in order to obtain the land entitled to them by the a treaty signed January 1, 1838 at Buffalo Creek, New York. They contended that the longer the delay in granting them their land, the more problems both sides would have. The Indian leaders were especially concerned about tribe mates with homes in other states, who had never intended to settle in Kansas Territory and had sold their entitlements back to the government, to the disadvantage of those Indians who had remained in the Territory.

Keywords: Denny, Lewis; Gray, Alfred; Gray, Michael; Indian Affairs, Commissioner of; Indian lands; Indian treaties; New York Indian Reserve; New York Indians; Seth, Cornelius C.; United States. Commissioner of Indian Affairs

List of names of certain New York Indians entitled to 320 acres within the New York Reservation in Kansas Territory
Authors: Greenwood, A. B.
Date: June 9, 1860
This list documented the distribution of the New York Indian lands in Kansas Territory according to provisions of a treaty dated January 15, 1838. The list was submitted to the Secretary of the Interior on June 9, 1860, and approved on June 16, 1860.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Greenwood, A. B.; Indian lands; Land acquisition; Native Americans; New York Indians


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