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Letter draft, unsigned [Hiram Hill] to S. G. How
Authors: Hill, Hiram
Date: July 26, 1856
Hiram Hill wrote from Williamsburgh, Massachusetts, to S. G. How, of the "Kansas Committee for Receiving and Dispersing" funds. Hill inquired how and in what manner any money sent to Kansas would be applied: "I have some money in my hand and we can rais [sic] more if we can have any prospect of its getting to Kansas and doing any good".

Keywords: Free state supporters; Hill, Hiram; Kansas Territory; Money; National politics

Letter, Thomas H. Webb to Dear Sir [Hiram Hill]
Authors: Webb, Thomas H. (Hopkins), 1801-1866
Date: July 31, 1856
Thomas Webb, Secretary of the New England Emigrant Aid Society, wrote from Boston to Hiram Hill in Williamsburgh, Massachusetts. Webb advised him on the best way to send monetary aid to Kansas, which would take the form of a Letter of Credit and would keep the enemy from obtaining the money even if the Letter were captured. In another alternative, Webb also offered to purchase with Hill's money actual supplies to be shipped out to Kansas.

Keywords: Free state support; Hill, Hiram; Money; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Webb, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkins), 1801-1866

Letter, [unknown] to Hiram Hill
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: September 8, 1856
An unknown author, referring to himself as one in a group of "missionaries. . .of constitutional heathens", wrote to Hiram Hill regarding his experiences "on the march" after the Battle of Franklin at the beginning of June. He described the movements and dispersal of the enemy forces. The author also told Hill that he and his men "would do the fighting you must do the fueling we can get all the provisions we want if we can have money", and said that Massachusetts was doing more to help them than all the other free states combined. The author purposefully did not sign his name to this letter.

Keywords: Battles; Franklin, Battle of; Free state activities; Free state cause; Hill, Hiram; Massachusetts; Money

Letter, Saml. F. Lyman to Dear Sir [Hiram Hill]
Authors: Lyman, Samuel F.
Date: September 11, 1856
Samuel F. Lyman wrote from Northampton, Massachusetts, to Hiram Hill, also in Massachusetts. Lyman requested Hill's presence at a fundraising meeting at the Fremont Headquarters. Lyman wished "to raise a large sum in the shortest possible time" in order to purchase and transport supplies to free state supporters in Kansas Territory before roads and transportation might be restricted on account of the fighting.

Keywords: Free state support; Hill, Hiram; Lyman, Samuel F.; Massachusetts; Money

Letter, S. N. Simpson to Hiram Hill
Authors: Simpson, Samuel Newell
Date: September 30, 1856
Samuel Simpson wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill, expressing his support for the election of John Fremont to the Presidency. Simpson also discussed the prospective purchase of Wyandot Indian lands, and told Hill he would invest in them if Hill wished. He added that he had received direction from Thomas Webb, Secretary of the New England Emigrant Aid Society, to draw money from him; Simpson assumed this was the money sent by Hill.

Keywords: Hill, Hiram; Indian lands; Land acquisition; Money; Real estate investment; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Wyandot Indians

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