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Letter, Wm H Goode to Rev. J. Denison
Authors: Goode, William H.
Date: July 18, 1859
William Goode wrote to Joseph Denison from a camp at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Goode described "forbidding" circumstances at the start of their journey West, having met a "great stampede" of settlers returning East. However, upon arrival at the mining operations, Goode found the settlement orderly, provisions plentiful, and the landscape beautiful. Though he hesitated to speculate, Goode predicted that the following year would be prosperous for mining enterprises.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Denison, Joseph; Emigration and immigration; Goode, William H.; Landscape; Mining; Pikes Peak gold rush; Rocky Mountains

Letter, H. H. Ropes to Dear Sir [George Collamore]
Authors: Ropes, H.H.
Date: November 12, 1859
H. H. Ropes wrote from Barilyar[?], New England, to George Collamore in Kansas Territory. Ropes inquired after, presumably, a family member, Edward, as he had not heard word from him for a long time. Ropes also commented on the poor reporting of the "Herald of Freedom," owned by George W. Brown, commenting to Collamore that "you have never yet had a decent newspaper out there."

Keywords: Arapahoe County, Kansas Territory; Brown, George W. (George Washington), 1820-1915; Collamore, George W.; Colorado; Denver City, Kansas Territory; Herald of Freedom; Mining; Newspapers; Ropes, H.H.

Book, Gunn's Map and Handbook of Kansas and the Gold Mines
Authors: Gunn, O.B. (Otis Berthoude, 1828-1901)
Date: 1859
This book by O.B. Gunn, a civil engineer in Wyandotte, provides basic information about Kansas Territory and the living conditions there. The first half outlines statistics about the population, climate, crops, telegraph access, etc. for the use of potential settlers. The second half describes routes to gold mines in Western Kansas Territory and advises the best travel seasons and provisions necessary to make the journey. Includes more than 20 pages of business and trade advertisements, including Gunn's own advertisement on p. 57.

Keywords: Crops; Daily life; Gold mines and mining; Gunn, O.B. (Otis Berthoude, 1828-1901); Kansas Territory; Kansas Territory. Legislature; Land claims; Mining; Native Americans; Pikes Peak gold rush; Railroads; Settlement; Telegraph; Weather; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory


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