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Letter, S.T. Learnard to Dear Son [Oscar Learnard]
Authors: Learnard, S. T.
Date: September 14, 1858
S.T. Learnard wrote from Bakersfield, Vermont, to his son, Oscar Learnard of Kansas Territory, in this transcribed version of his letter. S.T. mentioned his recent election to the Vermont State Legislature, in which the Republicans "swept the kitchen clean" of the Democratic candidates. He also asked about land operations in Kansas Territory, but added that he was opening a store of his own in Vermont. He discussed the possibility of obtaining buffalo and otter skins from Kansas to add to his store inventory.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Democratic Party (U.S.); Elections; Learnard, Oscar E., 1832-1911; Learnard, S. T.; Merchandise; Merchants; Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ); Vermont

Letter, John Vansickle to Dear Sir
Authors: Vansickle, John H.
Date: December 11, 1858
John Vansickle wrote from Bourbon County regarding his business selling goods, which was "on the gaining hand" since he was the only merchant from the "river clear to the state line." There had been three inches of snow, he said, but the temperature had not yet reached zero. Vansickle again invited the recipient of this letter to visit him in the spring.

Keywords: Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Business enterprises; Merchandise; Merchants; Prices; Vansickle, John H.; Weather; Xenia, Kansas Territory

Letter, John Vansickle to Dear Sir
Authors: Vansickle, John H.
Date: February 4, 1859
John Vansickle wrote from Bourbon County responding to his recipient's previous letter. Vansickle seemed hopeful, as he saw there was a "prospect of peace" in his part of the country, and his business and crops were successful. He also commented on James Montgomery and John Brown, criticizing that they "free more horses than negros," calling them scoundrels and warning his recipient to "never vindicate thare [their] cause." Vansickle added that he would assist the recipient in coming to Kansas Territory.

Keywords: Abolitionists; Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Crops; Land claims; Merchants; Montgomery, James, 1814-1871; Vansickle, John H.; Xenia, Kansas Territory

Letter, Tho. Ewing Jr to Dir Sir [William F. Roelofson]
Authors: Ewing, Jr., Thomas , 1829-1896
Date: March 26, 1859
In this March 26, 1859, letter to William F. Roelofson, London, England, T. Ewing, Jr., discussed an investment but also observed: "The city streets are black with the swarms of Pikes Peakers and our prospects are better now than ever. We are getting 2/3rds of the whole of this emigration: and our merchants are doing an enormous business in outfitting for the mines."

Keywords: Commerce; Ewing, Thomas, 1829-1896; Gold mines and mining; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; London, England; Merchants; Pikes Peak gold rush; Railroads; Roelofson, William F.

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