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Letter, John Vansickle to Dear Sir
Authors: Vansickle, John H.
Date: July 18, 1858
John Vansickle, recently married, wrote from Kansas City, Missouri, where he was purchasing goods and provisions with his wife for their new home. Vansickle communicated the prospect of a good crop this season, along with details referring to the upcoming Lecompton Constitution ratification election and the Marais des Cygnes Massacre, which occurred the past May. He also encouraged the recipient of this letter to come to Kansas Territory for a visit and gave news of his encounter with various friends when in St. Louis.

Keywords: Border ruffians; Crops; Election, Lecompton Constitution ratification, August 1858; Farmers; Gold mines and mining; Kansas City, Missouri; Linn County, Kansas Territory; Marais des Cygnes Massacre; Massacres; Merchandise; Montgomery County, Kansas Territory; Vansickle, John H.

Letter, S.T. Learnard to Dear Son [Oscar Learnard]
Authors: Learnard, S. T.
Date: September 14, 1858
S.T. Learnard wrote from Bakersfield, Vermont, to his son, Oscar Learnard of Kansas Territory, in this transcribed version of his letter. S.T. mentioned his recent election to the Vermont State Legislature, in which the Republicans "swept the kitchen clean" of the Democratic candidates. He also asked about land operations in Kansas Territory, but added that he was opening a store of his own in Vermont. He discussed the possibility of obtaining buffalo and otter skins from Kansas to add to his store inventory.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Democratic Party (U.S.); Elections; Learnard, Oscar E., 1832-1911; Learnard, S. T.; Merchandise; Merchants; Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ); Vermont

Letter, John Vansickle to Dear Sir
Authors: Vansickle, John H.
Date: December 11, 1858
John Vansickle wrote from Bourbon County regarding his business selling goods, which was "on the gaining hand" since he was the only merchant from the "river clear to the state line." There had been three inches of snow, he said, but the temperature had not yet reached zero. Vansickle again invited the recipient of this letter to visit him in the spring.

Keywords: Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Business enterprises; Merchandise; Merchants; Prices; Vansickle, John H.; Weather; Xenia, Kansas Territory

Letter, Ellen [Goodnow] to My Dear Husband [Isaac Goodnow]
Authors: Goodnow, Ellen
Date: July 1859
Ellen Goodnow wrote to her husband, Isaac Goodnow, from Manhattan, Kansas Territory, briefly relating the news of a friend's sudden death. She attached a list of items she wished Isaac to purchase while he was in the East, which mostly consisted of clothing items, but also included a clock and a microscope.

Keywords: Daily life; Domestics; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Merchandise; Riley County, Kansas Territory

Letter, Ellen D. Goodnow to My Dear Husband [Isaac Goodnow]
Authors: Goodnow, Ellen
Date: August 28, 1859 August 28, 1859
Ellen Goodnow wrote from Manhattan, Kansas Territory, to her husband, Isaac, who was traveling in New England. Goodnow mentioned that students, who would attend Bluemont College beginning in November, were coming to the area to board. She told her husband that they would be lodging with the Denisons during the coming winter, and asked him what furnishings they could provide. Goodnow also advised him about purchasing wallpaper and upholstery to decorate their church sanctuary.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Business enterprises; Churches; Goodnow, Ellen; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; House furnishings; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Merchandise; Riley County, Kansas Territory

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