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Photograph, Preston Bierce Plumb
Authors: Prince, George
Preston Bierce Plumb was involved in various antislavery events in Kansas Territory. He was involved with the Kansas Volunteers for the Protection of the Ballot Box and was a member of the Leavenworth Constitutional Convention. He was one of the founders of Emporia, Breckenridge County, Kansas Territory. He started the Emporia newspaper called "The Kanzas News."

Keywords: Antislavery; Breckinridge County, Kansas Territory (see also Lyon County, Kansas); Cartes de visite; Constitutions; Emporia, Kansas Territory; Free state activities; Kansas Volunteers; Leavenworth Constitution; Lyon County, Kansas (see also Breckinridge County, Kansas Territory); Militia; Photographs and Illustrations; Plumb, Preston B., 1837-1891; Prince, George

Photograph, Samuel Newitt Wood
Authors: Leonard & Martin, artists
Samuel Newitt Wood was an active participant on behalf of the free state cause. He served in the territorial legislature and was a delegate to the Leavenworth Constitutional Convention. He was also involved in some of the armed conflicts. He settled in Chase County, Kansas Territory.

Keywords: Cartes de visite; Chase County, Kansas Territory; Constitutions; Free state supporters; Kansas Territory. Legislature; Leavenworth Constitution; Leonard & Martin, artists; Photographs and Illustrations; Wood, S. N. (Samuel Newitt)

Photograph, Joel Kishler Goodin
Authors: No authors specified.
Joel Kishler Goodin was a active participant in the Topeka Movement. He served as clerk of the House of Representatives that met in Topeka and also as secretary of the Executive Committee. He was a delegate to the Leavenworth Constitutional Convention where he promoted the adoption of the Topeka Constitution.

Keywords: Free state legislature; Free state movement (see also Topeka Movement); Goodin, Joel Kishler; Leavenworth Constitution; Photographs and Illustrations; Topeka Constitution; Topeka Movement (see also Free state movement)

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