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Letter, S.T. Learnard to Dear Son [Oscar Learnard]
Authors: Learnard, S. T.
Date: November 6, 1858
S.T. Learnard wrote from Montpelier, Vermont, to his son Oscar Learnard of Kansas Territory, in this transcribed version of his letter. The author commended Oscar for his honorable conduct in supporting right and justice, while expressing his dissatisfaction with his fellow Vermont State Legislators who "appear to be ignorant of the nature and effect of Laws and pay but little attention to their passage." He also asked his son to dispose of his land interests in Lawrence and requested that Oscar update him on his business and future prospects.

Keywords: Business; Business enterprises; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Land speculation; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Learnard, Oscar E., 1832-1911; Learnard, S. T.; Real estate investment; Vermont

Letter, S. T. Learnard to Dear Son [Oscar Learnard]
Authors: Learnard, S. T.
Date: November 6, 1860
S. T. Learnard, a farmer and occasional state legislator from Bakersfield, Vermont, wrote his "Kansas" son frequently and complained that replies from Kansas were far too scarce. In this letter, S.T. Learnard commented on suffering in the territory, presumably from drought, and his hope that the national election would eliminate "her troubles from one source." He complimented the "brave men and women" of Kansas for their "suffering and endurance in the Cause of Liberty," and expressed confidence that Abraham Lincoln, who did well in Bakersfield, would win New York.

Keywords: Antislavery perspective; Bakersfield, Vermont; Droughts; Election, Presidential, 1860; Learnard, Oscar E., 1832-1911; Learnard, S. T.; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865

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