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Letter, Tho. Ewing Jr to Gentlemen [J. B. Abbott, et al]
Authors: Ewing, Jr., Thomas , 1829-1896
Date: October 24, 1859
In response to an October 17 letter from "the Seward Club of Lawrence," Ewing said that he was not prepared "to say whether or no" he intended to support James H. Lane for the U.S. Senate. This was a decision best left to the first legislature, which he hoped would contain "our best men," chosen "without regard to their preferences for United States Senators."

Keywords: Abbott, James Burnett; Ewing, Thomas, 1829-1896; Kansas. Legislature; Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; Seward Club; United States. Congress. Senate

Photograph, W. W. Updegraff
Authors: Siewert
W. W. Updegraff was involved in territorial politics. He served as the last president of the Territorial Council and as the first speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives. He was a physician who located in Osawatomie, Lykins County, Kansas Territory. He was a free state supporter.

Keywords: Card photographs; Kansas Territory. Council; Kansas. Legislature; Lykins County, Kansas Territory (see also Miami County, Kansas); Miami County, Kansas (see also Lykins County, Kansas Territory); Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Photographs and Illustrations; Siewert; Updegraff, W. W.


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