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Letter, J. H. Kagi to "My dear Sister"
Authors: Kagi, John Henry
Date: December 27, 1857
On December 27 (or perhaps 29), Kagi wrote this letter to his sister from Springdale, Iowa, in the midst of "a very long & tedious journey." He informed her that his party would leave on the "cars" for Chicago soon, but cautioned her "not for your life" to tell anyone where he was or what he was about, and told her that he would soon be taking an assumed name. [According to historian Stephen Oates, To Purge This Land With Blood, John Brown returned to Kansas in November 1857 and enlisted Kagi and a few others in a new company, which set out in early December for Ohio and some additional training in preparation for Brown's planned assault on the Slave Power in Virginia; on the way, around numerous campfires, Brown apparently encouraged and instructed his young recruits on the just nature of their cause, etc. As it turned out, the company wintered at Springdale while Brown went alone to Ohio.]

Keywords: Border disputes and warfare - Free state perspective; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Chicago, Illinois; Harpers Ferry, Virginia; Iowa; Kagi, John Henry

Letter, Wm. Hutchinson to [John Brown?]
Authors: Hutchinson, William , 1823-1904
Date: ca. 1857
On the bottom of an incomplete listing of weapons distributed (e.g., Navy Revolvers), William Hutchinson wrote regarding his "earnes effort for you [John Brown?] in this place.

Keywords: Bassett, O. A. (Owen Abbot); Border disputes and warfare; Border disputes and warfare - Free state perspective; Eldridge, Shalor Winchell, 1816-1899; Guns; Hutchinson, William, 1823-1904; Kagi, John Henry; Weapons (see also Guns); Whitman, E. B.

Letter, Maurice Maitland [J. H. Kagi] to "My Dear Sister"
Authors: Kagi, John Henry
Date: March 5, 1858
On his 23rd birthday, March 5, 1858, Kagi (now alias "Maurice Maitland") wrote a very circumspect letter from Springdale, Iowa, expressing his satisfaction with "the present plitical prospects"--"Every thing is working just to suit me--nothing could suit me better"--and his interest in knowing "what you have learned about J. H." (presumably, himself, J.H. Kagi).

Keywords: Brown, John, 1800-1859; Harpers Ferry, Virginia; Kagi, John Henry; Springdale, Iowa

Letter, J. [John] Kagi to Friend Adda
Authors: Kagi, John Henry
Date: May 15, 1858
John H. Kagi, one of John Brown's most trusted lieutenants, wrote from St. Catherine, Canada, to inform his friend, albeit in "figurative" language, about the change in their plans--"all depends upon caution."

Keywords: Abolitionists; Ashtabula County, Ohio; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Canada; Kagi, John Henry

Letter, Richard Realf to Dear Uncle [John Brown?]
Authors: Realf, Richard , 1834-1878
Date: May 31, 1858
The Englishman, Richard Realf, another of Brown's trusted followers, wrote to his "uncle" (John Brown?) from Cleveland, Ohio, regarding the threat of arrest that faced him and some of his associates (George Gill, John Kagi, et al), as well as the expenses they were incuring. He also was troubled by the news that certain people knew of certain of their activities, including "a certain Mr. Reynolds (colored) who attended our convention" and "has disclosed its objects to the members of a secret society (colored) called "The American Mysteries" or some other confounded humbug."

Keywords: Bleeding Kansas; Border disputes and warfare - Free state perspective; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Cleveland, Ohio; Cook, John E.; Free state cause; Kagi, John Henry; Kansas Territory; Realf, Richard , 1834-1878; Shakers

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