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Investment Share Certificate, Iowa Point Hotel Company Share
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: ca. 1855
This certificate documented the investment of William Patten into the Iowa Point Hotel Company of Kansas Territory. It was signed by William Word, President of the Company, and Thomas J. Vanderslice, Secretary. When Kansas Territory was opened, in 1854, the Iowa Indians were the possessors of the greater part of northern Doniphan County. After the passage of the Kansas- Nebraska bill a treaty was made between the Government and the Indians, by which the latter sold a large share of their lands and accepted the diminished reserve which they still occupy. The land thus released to the Government was known as the "Iowa Trust lands," and was, with the exception of 480 acres, sold to the highest bidder. Iowa Point was founded on these lands.

Keywords: Indian lands; Iowa Indians; Iowa Point Hotel Company, Kansas Territory; Town companies; Town shares; Vanderslice, Thomas J.

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