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Record of Immigrants for Kansas
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: May 16, 1856
Brief biographical and character sketches of eight families who joined the second party of Kansas emigrants sponsored by the New York State Kansas Committee.

Keywords: Beach, Charles; Cunningham, William; Emigration and immigration; Green, Louise; Griswold, Daniel; Hawley, John H.; Hebbard, Russell; Migration, internal; New York State Kansas Committee; Page, John; Spaulding, Silas W.; Syracuse, New York; Wilbur, George W.

Address of the Central County Kansas Committee to the People of the county of Onondaga
Authors: Hebbard, Russell
Date: August 7, 1856
The inflamatory rhetoric of this printed circular provided an antislavery perspective of events in Kansas. It urged the residents of central New York to provide aid to Kansas settlers. It also described plans to encourage a "a large emigration into the territory" to aid free state supporters living there but to also increase the number of "legal voters" for the fall elections. The chairman of the Central County Kansas Committee was Russell Hebbard. The document listed the names of other officers and committee members.

Keywords: Antislavery; Border ruffians; Election fraud; Emigrant aid companies; Emigration and immigration; Hebbard, Russell; Missouri compromise; New York; New York State Kansas Committee; Syracuse, New York


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