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Minutes, Wyandotte Mayor's Office
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: October 27, 1859 - November 19, 1859
The minutes from these three meetings--October 17, November 15, and November 19--detail the workings of the mayor's office in Wyandotte, Kansas Territory. Some of the main points for discussion included plans to build a jail and a ferry for the Missouri River. Also, in the last entry, the board passed a motion that all dogs who were unmuzzled and running loose could be "lawfully slain."

Keywords: Board of Trustees; Ferries; Killen, Daniel; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Minutes; Missouri River; Parr, James R.; Prisons; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory

Rates of Ferriage, 1861
Authors: Curtis, O. A.; Middaugh, J.
Date: 1861
This rate schedule was printed by the State Record and was apparently filed with a Shawnee County board chaired by H. Covell. It gave rates for ferrying vehicles, animals, and people. The proprietors were apparently J. Middaugh and O. A. Curtis

Keywords: Covell, H. C.; Curtis, O. A.; Ferries; Middaugh, J.

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