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Letter, E. Hoogland to Thos. N. Stinson, Esq.
Authors: Hoogland, Edward
Date: July 6, 1856
Edward Hoogland, a resident of Tecumseh, KT who was visiting his family in New York, described a meeting with Governor Wilson Shannon in St. Louis concerning territorial politics. Hoogland displayed a pro-slavery perspective in his comments on Kansas affairs. He described efforts to encourage settlement in Kansas Territory, especially Tecumseh, and to promote economic development in the territory. He mentioned an acquaintance who hoped to establish a sawmill and a gristmill in the territory.

Keywords: Economic development; Gristmills; Hoogland, Edward; Law and Order Party; Mills and mill-work; Sawmills; Shannon, Wilson, 1802-1877; Stinson, Thomas N.; Tecumseh, Kansas Territory; Town building (see Town development); Town development

Agreement for the establishment of the Quindaro Town Company
Authors: Guthrie, Abelard ; Robinson, Charles ; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Walker, Joel
Date: November 1, 1856
The document outlined the details related to the establishment of the Quindaro Town Company. It called for the distribution of lots (shares) among the four founders and outlined plans for selling the remaining lots. It also proposed how proceeds from the sale of lots would be used for various improvements and the number of lots designated for civic purposes.

Keywords: Economic development; Guthrie, Abelard; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Simpson, Samuel Newell; Town companies; Town development; Town shares; Town site speculation; Walker, Joel; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Agreement concerning the Missouri River and Rocky Mountain Rail Road and the Delaware Nation of Indians
Authors: Pratt, J. G. J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900; Robinson, Charles ; Simpson, Samuel Newell
Date: August 3, 1858
This agreement offered property to John G. Pratt if he was successful in assisting in the adoption of a treaty between the U. S. government and the Delaware's to make lands in the Delaware Reserve available to the Missouri River and Rocky Mountain Rail Road. Pratt was to receive the equivalent of two sections of land--one near the Delaware Mission and one of timber land, a total of 1280 acres, and $5,000 if the treaty was ratified.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Delaware Indians; Economic development; Land acquisition; Land sales; Missouri River and Rocky Mountain Railroad; Native Americans; Pratt, J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900; Railroads; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Simpson, Samuel Newell

Atchison City Directory, and Business Mirror for 1859-60, Containing the Name and Residence of Every Male Citizen, a Business Mirror, and an Appendix of Much Useful Information
Authors: Sutherland & McEvoy
Date: 1859
This was the first City Directory published for Atchison. In addition to advertisements, a street directory, and information about various civic institutions in Atchison, it also contained an historical sketch of the city written by Dr. J. H. Stringfellow, one of Atchison's "earliest pioneers." Some women are listed in the directory if they operated a business such as a boarding house, if they had a job, or, apparently, if they were widowed or unmarried. The "business mirror" section listed individual businesses grouped by the type of business or profession. The appendix included a listing of city and county officials.

Keywords: Advertisements; Atchison County, Kansas Territory; Atchison, Kansas Territory; Business; Business enterprises; Commerce; Community life; Economic development; Retail businesses; Stringfellow, John H.; Town development; Women

Barclay's Business Directory of Leavenworth for 1859
Authors: Pierse, Allen
Date: 1859
In addition to a listing of businesses and advertisements, the directory included the elected officials for the city of Leavenworth for 1858-59 and the newspapers published in Leavenworth. A few women are listed as owners of businesses. The information for the directory was compiled by Allen Pierse.

Keywords: Business; Business enterprises; Commerce; Community life; Economic development; Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Newspapers; Pierse, Allen; Retail businesses; Town development; Women

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