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Territorial Census, 1855, District 10
Authors: Conway, Martin Franklin
Date: January-February, 1855
This census was taken in order to determine eligible voters for elections to be held as proclaimed by Governor Andrew Reeder on November 10, 1854. The categories for information in the census were name, occupation, age, male, female, emigrated from, native of United States, naturalized citizen, declarant (intention to become a citizen), Negro, slave, and voter. Only white males over 21 were eligible to vote. The districts used for the census were the same as the election districts. A statistical summary of the census follows the enumeration pages. For District 10, the place of election was the house of S. D. Dyer, at the crossing of the Big Blue River. The boundaries of each district were described in Governor Reeder's proclamation and it is difficult to determine what counties were in each district. The description of the Tenth District follows: "Commencing at the mouth of Wild Cat Creek, thence up the same to the head waters thereof; thence due north to the Independence emigrant road; thence down said road, crossing the Big Blue by the old route below Marysville to the Vermillion River; thence down said river to the mouth thereof; thence up the Kansas River to the place of beginning."

Keywords: Census; Conway, Martin Franklin; Dyer, S. D.; Independence Emigrant Road; Pottawatomie County, Kansas Territory


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